Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Atlanta, Georgia
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The Southeastern Greyhound Club's (SEGC's) by-laws declare that our purpose is two-fold: to provide Greyhound owners with a variety of ways to have fun with their Greyhounds, and to promote the breed by spreading the word about what wonderful pets Greyhounds make. Our members take these purposes quite seriously, and find more ways to fulfill both each year.


SEGA is a 100% volunteer operated organization with no paid staff or significant sponsor. All of your donations in time and money go straight to helping the Greyhounds and our mission.


We currently have 16 Greyhounds available for adoption. It costs approximately $70 dollars per week to feed and care for each dog in our kennel, which does not include the spay/neuter and dental vet expenses spent on each hound as soon as they enter our program. When you sponsor one of our adoptable Greyhounds, your donation helps that hound while it waits for a forever home. SEGA will recognize your support by listing your name with the Greyhound — even after it is adopted!

Support the Hounds of 2016 Campaign

SEGA is continuing our mission to find loving, permanent homes for former racing Greyhounds or any Greyhound in need. In order to place these Greyhounds in a home we must provide shelter, food and medical care for every hound. In 2016, SEGA was honored to receive a very generous grant from the Georgia Compassion Project. This grant has provided SEGA with designated funds for medical and boarding expenses for the Greyhounds. While the grant does provide some much needed funds for the Greyhounds, it will not sustain SEGA long term. Based on our current balance we expect to exhaust the grant funds by the end of August 2017. SEGA also has other expenses that must be covered from general funds outside the grant.

Because most of our fundraising proceeds flow in the last 3 months of each year, we need to stay strong in our donations so we are well positioned to continue to be able to provide for the Greyhounds once the grant funds are depleted. For example, 2015 was barely a "break even" year for SEGA, even with some very successful fundraising campaigns. The generosity of our supporters (you) allows SEGA to help a Greyhound with special needs (such as heartworm disease or a broken leg) or take in a senior Greyhound, even if the cost is significant. I am glad we are able to say "yes" when these situations occur. As of the end of August 2016, SEGA has taken 2 brood moms, 3 heartworm positive dogs and 2 broken leg dogs into our program. In addition, we have rehomed several Greyhounds who ended up in a shelter or were returned by their adoptive families. To make your 2016 tax deductible donation, read more here.


2016 Greyfest and Blur of Fur Photos Available for Purchase

The pictures from Greyfest 2016 (and prior years) are online and available for your review and purchase. SEGA had a professional photographer who was very generous and donated all her images as a fundraiser for SEGA. Images are being offered for $5 each for single photos, or a Blur of Fur "package" for $30. Read More

Purchase a Hale Pet Door, Save Money, and SEGA Gets a Donation

Tired of always having to get up and let your Greyhound in and out? If you have a fenced yard or turn out area, consider purchasing a Hale Pet Door and give your hound the freedom to go in and out on their own. Hale Pet Door also has a Rescue Rewards Program. When you shop at Hale Pet Door and specify SEGA as your shelter, you save 10% and SEGA receives proceeds equal to 10% of your purchase. We even have testimonials available from satisfied SEGA adopters. Read More


Click here to visit the SEGA Shop.

Calendar of Events

Click here for the calendar of events for Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption.