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Adoption Kennel


On March 16, 2002, SEGA held the grand opening for its adoption kennel, realizing a long-held goal to have a dedicated facility for housing some of its Greyhounds awaiting adoption. The adoption kennel is supported solely by donations and adoption fees, an achievement of which SEGA is very proud.

Located in Acworth, Georgia, the adoption kennel was made available through the generosity of one of the veterinarians for the SEGA adoption program. SEGA has exclusive use of up to 7 indoor runs. There is adjoining office space which serves as the adoption center, and SEGA has a stainless steel tub in which to bathe new arrivals. In addition, there is a fenced turnout yard which gives the kennel residents a place to stretch their legs and run each day. Some Greyhounds reside in the adoption kennel until they are adopted, and some live with a foster family, depending on the individual needs of the Greyhound and the availability of foster homes.

The kennel staff provide daily cleaning of the runs, feed the Greyhounds, and walk them in the morning and afternoon. In the evenings, SEGA volunteers give the Greyhounds their final turnout for the night. Volunteering for nightly turnouts is a great way to spend time with the adoptable Greyhounds. Some volunteers turnout one night a month, and others turnout several nights a month. If you are interested in volunteering for turnouts, please contact the kennel coordinator, Eda Holt, to work with you to find a schedule that is suitable to you.