Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Lost Hound/Lost Hound Flyer
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Lost Hound/Lost Hound Flyer

IMPORTANT: If your hound is lost or missing, it is important that you notify SEGA at the same time you begin your search. SEGA can help get the word out that your hound is missing, and SEGA volunteers often help with the search. Contact SEGA at 770-GREYPET (770-473-9738) and also send an email to

To create a flyer (in PDF format) for a lost SEGA Greyhound, select the SEGA tag number from the dropdown (the list includes those SEGA tag numbers where the Greyhound is still noted as living). Complete all the other fields, providing as much detail as possible. The Special Notes field can be used to indicate anything that might be helpful to those that see the flyer--the Greyhound's personality, what color collar the Greyhound has on, etc. Once you have completed all the data fields, click the Create Flyer button.

Please Note: If SEGA does not have a small (thumbnail picture) or a large picture for the selected Greyhound, no pictures will print on the flyer, but you can tape your own picture down prior to duplicating the flyer.

(Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Visit Adobe to download the free reader if necessary.)

Hound Tag Number  
Date Lost/Missing  
Date Picker
  (if the date is not a valid date, the flyer cannot be created)
Name/Answers To  
Vicinity/Neighborhood Lost  
Contact Name  
    At least one phone number should be your mobile phone number. If you are out searching for the Greyhound, callers should be able to reach you during the search. Phone numbers should be entered with the area code and 7-digit number using no spaces or dashes (e.g., 4045551212).
Phone 1  
Phone 2  
Phone 3  
Is a Reward Being Offered?  
Special Notes