Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Thirty Reasons to Adopt a Senior Greyhound
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Thirty Reasons to Adopt a Senior Greyhound

Southeastern Greyhound Adoption (SEGA) has a Yahoo Group for members to post questions, tell stories, or update other members about current events involving the greyhound world.

Each day in November 2006, different members volunteered to post a reason to adopt a senior Greyhound. The response was overwhelming from the members of the group. The reasons were poignant, funny and heartfelt. Most importantly, the posts kept the seniors forefront throughout the month among our over 200 members.

Along with the posts, one of SEGA’s Screening and Placement co-chairs kept the members updated on the progress of the senior adoptions. Each time another senior was placed in their forever home, the entire group felt a sense of accomplishment.

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