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Starter Kit

The Greyhound Starter Kit consists of those items we suggest you obtain before you bring your Greyhound home. Having these items on hand when you bring your new companion home will make life a little easier for both of you, and will let you spend your time helping the former racer make a smooth transition into your home rather than running around shopping for supplies.

Most of these items can be purchased from local pet supply stores, such as PetSmart, Petco, or Pet Supermarket. For those who like to order online, we recommend 1-800-PetMeds, KV Vet Supply (phone 800-423-8211), Care-A-Lot Pet Supply (phone 800-343-7680), and Drs. Foster & Smith (phone 800-381-7179).


A crate is one of the best investments you can make toward easy home acclimation and dealing with separation anxiety. Racing Greyhounds sleep and eat in crates in their racing kennels, and many will consider them their own personal space in which to relax in your home. After the initial transition period, crates can come in handy while traveling with your Greyhound or to confine him while he is ill.

There are basically two kinds of crates: the plastic variety, known as an airline crate or Vari-Kennel, and the metal or wire crate. Each has its own advantages.

The Vari-Kennel is slightly less expensive and less heavy, while the metal crate is airy like racing kennel crates and is collapsible, making it easier to transport and store. If you decide on the Vari-Kennel type, the "500" or "extra large" size is appropriate for all but the biggest males.

In the metal crate, we recommend the Midwest brand, available from KV Vet Supply and at local pet stores. The 508 size is usually right for Greyhounds under 70 pounds and has dimensions of 28"W x 42"D x 32"H. The 510 size is usually right for Greyhounds over 70 pounds and has dimensions of 30"W x 48"D x 35"H. We recommend the "fold and carry" styles for ease of travel and storage.

Wire Crate
Wire crate

Plastic Crate

Food Bowls

We recommend stainless steel food and water bowls. They are easy to clean and will last a lifetime. We suggest that you purchase a 2-quart bowl for food, a 3-quart bowl for water, and a 1 cup measuring cup. Stainless Steel Bowl


We recommend a premium dry dog food, such as Nutro, Eukanuba, Best in Show, California Natural, Canidae, Flint River Ranch, Innova, or the Red Bandanna varieties. Try buying a small (5 or 10 pound) bag first to make sure it agrees with your Greyhound.


Greyhounds need a well-padded bed because let's face it, they're bony! All of the pet supply vendors have nice selections of dog beds with removable, washable covers. The right size rectangular bed is 34" x 44" or larger while a 50" or larger diameter is the right size in a round bed. A pile of old blankets and comforters also work nicely. For the crate, you will want to bed it down with a couple of comfortable blankets. We do not recommend using a brand new bed or comforter yet because it could be destroyed during the adjustment period.


A plastic kennel muzzle is an excellent safety device for introducing your new Greyhound to the family cat or a dog you already have. You will be supplied with one when you adopt. Muzzle

Stain Remover

We hope your new Greyhound won't have any accidents, but the reality is that all dogs occasionally do and it is best to be prepared. In our experience, the best stain removers for pet accidents are Nature’s Miracle or Simple Solution. Follow the directions on the container.


The Kong is a hard rubber toy that is virtually indestructible and is a great way to relieve boredom and satisfy a Greyhound's desire to chew. For recipe ideas for the Kong, visit Never Say Never Greyhounds.

Collar and Lead

You will NOT need to purchase a collar and lead. A new Premier martingale collar and 6-foot lead are included as part of your adoption fee.

The Following Items Can Be Bought at Your Leisure

Identification tag. Buy a personal identification tag with at least your street address and telephone number on it. We suggest you put both your cell and work phone numbers on the tag if possible. Have your Greyhound wear both the SEGA tag and your identification tag on his collar. We suggest you get this as soon after your adoption as possible.

Toys. We suggest fleece stuffed toys, large squeaky toys, and tied rope bones. You may want to take your Greyhound along with you to pick out some toys that he likes! Avoid vinyl, plastic, and nylon toys such as Booda bones or Nylabones. The plastic or nylon fragments are indigestible and can injure your dog’s intestines.We do not recommend Greenies as recent information indicates these are not good for dogs.

Chewies. The right "chewie" is also a good way to help your Greyhound maintain dental health. Also effective are cow hooves, paddy wacks, and bully sticks available from most pet supply stores.

If you decide to use rawhides, do so with caution. Read the label before you buy. Make sure they are American made and processed without lime, bleach, or arsenic, all of which can make your dog very sick. Don't leave your dog unattended when chewing a rawhide, as he could choke on a piece.

If you have two or more dogs, separate them before giving chewies to avoid arguments.

Pooper scooper and/or plastic bags. Be a good neighbor and pick up after your Greyhound on walks. It is also a good idea to keep your own yard clean. You can also use the plastic bags from the grocery store, Ziplocs, or bags specifically for picking up poop.

Nail clippers. Buy the heavy-duty size clippers. These usually have plastic covered orange or black handles.

Grooming tools. Use the hound grooming glove or Love Glove for both bathing and removing shedding hair. The key is to scrub the coat in a circular motion both against and in the direction the hair grows. Finish up by rubbing the coat down with a dry cloth. This helps to remove any dander you loosened up. Most Greyhounds love the grooming experience if you use the right touch.

Ear cleaner. Use Oti-Clens, R-7, or other vet-recommended product.

Flea and tick products. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Greyhounds are especially sensitive to toxic chemicals because of their low body fat and fast metabolism. There are certain substances you must watch out for. The chemicals in flea and tick products are no exception, and you must be careful of these products. What is fine for another breed is not fine for a Greyhound. SEGA DOES NOT RECOMMEND THE USE OF ANY FLEA/TICK COLLAR CURRENTLY ON THE MARKET. WE ONLY RECOMMEND THE USE OF TOPICAL FLEA/TICK TREATMENTS. Flea collars contain chemicals that can go directly into the Greyhound’s bloodstream. They can cause severe illness and possibly death. Advantage and Frontline are topical treatments sold by veterinarians and select retail outlets. They come in small tubes and are applied to the base of the dog's neck once a month. Actually, many Greyhound owners find that both can be reapplied every few months. Frontline works against fleas and ticks. Advantage works against fleas.