Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Starter Kit
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Starter Kit

There will be a number of things you will need to get started with your new foster greyhound. Most everything will be provided free of charge by SEGA.


When you first get your foster hound, a crate will be provided by SEGA if you don’t already have a spare. It is extremely helpful in housebreaking and dealing with separation anxiety. Racing Greyhounds sleep and eat in their crates at the racing kennel and many will consider them their own personal space in which to relax in your home.

You will want to cushion the crate with a couple of comfortable blankets. We do not recommend using a brand new bed or comforter yet because it might be damaged during the adjustment period. A couple of old blankets will work fine.

Muzzle, Collar, and Lead

A plastic kennel muzzle is an excellent safety device for introducing your foster Greyhound to the family cat or a dog. You will be supplied with one when your foster arrives.

You will also be provided with a blue collar and a six-foot lead. Attached will be the SEGA ID tag and the rabies vaccination tag provided by the Lake City Animal Hospital (LCAH).

Records Folder

Copies of the hound's pertinent documentation will be provided in a folder. When the adoption takes place you will turn over these records to the adopting family.

Heartworm Pills

You will receive an initial supply from the foster chair. A follow-up supply will be sent via U.S. Mail.

Happy Tail Kit

Will be provided if necessary.

Other Medicines

Other medications prescribed by LCAH if necessary.


A small amount of food will be provided to transition the hound to the food that you will need to purchase. We recommend a premium dry dog food, such as Nutro, Eukanuba, or Best in Show. Try buying a small (5 lb. or 10 lb.) bag first to make sure it agrees with your Greyhound. We recommend the stainless steel variety of food bowl. They are easy to clean and will last a lifetime. We suggest that you use a 2-quart bowl for food, a 3-quart bowl for water, and a 1 cup measuring cup.

Any items that you purchase yourself are considered a "donation" and could be tax deductible.

Other Items

Once you have become a foster, you will be invited to join the Foster Group on Yahoo. This is a way to communicate with other fosters at SEGA. There is a "Files" section there were you can download the files for your use at the appropriate time. For example:

Lost Hound Coordinator

If your foster hound escapes from your control do the following:

First: Alert SEGA by calling 770-GREYPET (770-473-9738)

Second: Call the lost hound coordinator

Department of Agriculture, Foster Home Agreement, and Email Documents

Pertinent documents you will need as part of the fostering process.