Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Transporting Greyhounds
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Transporting Greyhounds

The guidelines below have been prepared for volunteers who will help transport Greyhounds and bring them to SEGA's kennel or take them to their foster home.

Practice Safety

Always crate or muzzle the dogs. If you do not have room to crate the dogs, keep them muzzled at all times no matter how docile a dog may seem.

Walk the Dogs

Before placing the hound in your vehicle BE SURE THE DOG PEES AND POOPS!!!

Feeding the Dogs

Do NOT feed the dogs before you travel.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Under the blankets you put in the vehicle for the dog's comfort, place a plastic sheet. This way, if walking the dog above isn't effective your vehicle will not be ruined.

Travel in Pairs

If you are transporting more than two hounds, always have a second person in the vehicle with you to ride shotgun and to hold a water spray bottle in case an argument breaks out in the back. There is nothing worse than a dog fight on the interstate when you are alone in the car.


If you experience problems, contact Melissa Provard.

Most of all, have fun!!!