Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Hounds of 2016
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Hounds of 2016

The Hounds of 2016 campaign is complete. SEGA is so grateful for all who have supported the campaign. We received 212 donations made in honor of the hounds. Below are the donors and the hound or hounds they have chosen to honor.

Donor In Honor Of
Mindy Abel In honor of Kingston
Bob Addleton and Anne Symons In honor of The Chilidog and Steamboat Annie
Van and Louise Aiken In honor of Luna; in memory of Willow, JB, and Herschel
Julie Amato In honor of Ruby and Pita
Karen Anderson-Cordova and Mark Barnes In honor of Fawn
Debra and Julie Aring In honor of Tess and Gabe
Michele Audet In honor of Tyville Cashier (Cassie)
Jennifer and Stephen Bachelor In memory of Gator, Jessie, Teresa, Katie, Travis, Stacker, Julie, and Allie
Cheryl Baer In memory of Dottie and Coco
Justin and Theresa Bailey and Claire Bailey In honor of "Pete" Rose - adopted August 2016 by Theresa and Justin Bailey; in honor of Hyper"Sonic" adopted November 2016 by Claire Bailey
Jeff Barber In memory of Flip (fka Imfredslintstone), Sugar Foot (fka Just Shame), Del (fka Delhi Flip), Allie (fka WB's Personality); in honor of Sasha (TDS Sasha)
Patsy and John Bassett In honor of Beacon (Front Row Show) and Victoria (KB Victory)
Christine Basso In honor of Cool Coty (Where's Coyote), Sweetie Pie (Victoriana), Kelsey (Oakland BB), and Merit; in memory of Luna
Elise and Scott Berman In honor of Rumor and Bruiser; in memory of Sonic
Steve and Linda Beving In honor of "J", Poppy, and Booker
Jennifer Bexley In memory of Hoot
Tom Bieth In memory of Missey and Sadie; in honor of Token
Lynn and James Biggs In honor of Pepper, Lily, Maddie, and Emma
Charles and Elly Bishop In honor of Sammy and KC Iron Ore
Lauren and Andrew Booth In honor of Jaunt, Flying Blessing, Dandijime, and Chloe (Angel in Blue).
Holly Bowden and Gary Dove In honor of Zoey; in memory of Cosmo
Ginny and Tom Bowling In honor of Doc, Marlise, and Sweet Elsie at the Rainbow Bridge
Meredith and Eric Bricker In memory of No Exemption (Jasmine)
Betty and Bob Budnek In honor of Dancer, Pauly, Caraway, and Ranger
Michael and Allison Burns Winston (fka WK Samson), Salem (fka Inkan Babe), Raleigh (fka Mr. Bates), and Savannah (RIP 2000 - 2011; fka War Bride). John and Laura Parker; Lisa and David Strickland - for their friendship and mentorship in all matters puppy. SEGA advisory board - for their continued commitment to the rehoming and care of these amazing animals. Clint Shedd and Calli Cook - in honor of their lure coursing greyhounds (Oh, Sashi) and new beginnings as husband and wife.
Deb Bursa In memory of Sarge and Daphne
Rita and Davd Bussie In honor of Abby and Murphy (Italian Greyhound)
Tonya and Tom Byrd In honor of Shadow, Daisy, Junior, and Shiner
Keira and Jay Camillo In memory of Kai and Sophie
Michelene and Michael Cappas In honor of Nila
Alice and Sal Casas In honor of Candy (Braska Churro)
Laura Cavalli In honor of Noah (aka Taken Over); in memory of Jedi (aka Halo Jedi)
Brenda Cleary In honor of "Butch", AKA Boc's Long Beard
Kathy and Ken Compton In honor of Simon (Compton)
Jill and Doug Congleton In memory of Teagan (Pesky Cream Boat)
F. H. Boyd Coons In honor of Winnie, Ada, Chloe, Flora, and Ila
Adam and Nanci Corsi In honor of Sophie and Stella Corsi
Bill and Beverly Crawford In memory of Lacrosse, Bear, and Crosby
James and Elizabeth Crownover In honor of Apollo and Athena
Laurie and Craig Dagilis In honor of Office Jan, One Last Ride, and Whytell Willean
Sheryl Dallas In memory of Tigger
Kelly Davis In honor of Razorjulie
Tony and Jody de la Motte Hurst In honor of Sebastian and Willow
Robert and Amy Denison In honor of Daisy and Marvel Denison
Robert and Amy Denison In memory of Indy (who was owned by Barbara and Ed Gorvett)
David DiCorpo In honor of Mocha; in memory of Huck (Ed's Diving Hawk)
Kathleen Doney For the love of all Greyhounds
Kathleen Donovan In honor of Chiquitita (Chica); in memory of Liberty Mozella
Kim and Steve Dorough In honor of Dixie, Dash, and Jetta Reno
Sue Draney and John Beale In memory of Rocket, Tazo, Daria and Gullie; in honor of Jack and Hazey
Rekha and Devon Drysdale In honor of Lovey
Daniel and Sonya Duckett In honor of Sweety Girl
Linda Dunlap In honor of Striker
Kevin and Tracy Edmonston In honor of JK Sun Shine
Ann McFall Ellison In honor of Blossom and Colton
Mary Roane Ellison In memory of Molly
Theresa and Joe Entrekin In memory of RB Again (Arba)
Cal and Ivey Evans In honor of Fannie (Borzoi) and Mitey Tabitha; in memory of CHC Bulz I Bonny
Kristin and John Faber In honor of Maria's Scott and WW's Drifter
Leon and Rebecca Farmer III In honor of Cheyok Tiny
Joel Feldstein In honor of L's Minger; in memory of Asta
Jackie Flood In honor of Jeddah
Michael Fobbus and James Russell In honor of Ebro, Zydeco, and Boudreaux
Amy Fortner and Janette Nihles In honor of KB's Hatley
Robin and Gary Foster In honor of Jordan (GQ Jordan) and Percy (Ale Raptor); in memory of Bailey (Jim's P Scott), Lovey (Nacona), Sadie, and Bonnie (Ed's P Stryker)
Kathy Fowler In honor of Q and Jane; in memory of Silver, Tigger, Sam, Jacey, and Oreo
Sharon Frapwell In memory of Bottsie and Lily
Steve and Katherine Frazier In honor of my best friend Silly; in memory of our first love Camelot
Cindy Frezon In honor of Joy
Penny and Don Fuller In honor of Mac and Essie; in memory of Crocus (whippet), Sam, Pi, Hannah, Lara, Thunder, and Ellie
Bobby and Chris Garrett In honor of Nick, Echo, Relay, and Mouse
Jeanne and Peter Garske In honor of Ozzy
Scott and Amy Gaylord In honor of Lindey (a very special girl), Nubee (a very special and wonderful senior), and Cricket-Boo (our baby)
Liza Gibbs In honor of Leo aka Big'un
Patricia and Ronald Gilmore In honor of Seco Reeses
Joseph Giordano In honor of Julie, Oreo, GeeGee, and Cocoa
Ryan Giusti
Scott Goins and David Lane In memory of Chloe; in honor of Misty
Barbara and Ed Gorvett In honor of Toby (renamed Indy)
Mary Hair Graham and Newell Graham In honor of Percy
Doug Gravino and Travis Wright In memory of Checkered Belle (Neko), LNB Leo (Remy), and Tom Hagen (Tom)
Pat and Howard Greenwald In honor of Jamie
Barry and Mary Greenway In memory of Spirit, Shadow, Rambler, Heidi and Daring Lefty (Boo)
Holly Grell-Lawe In honor of Anything I CanDo (Bogart)
Al and Sandy Grella In honor of Molly and Layla
Jack and Caroline Griffis In honor of Milo and Tyler; in memory of Cody and Tucker
Erin and John Grigsby In honor of Teak, Prince, Elwood, Sadie, Barracuda, and Annie
Don and Carolyn Gross In honor of Lily; in memory of Obadiah, Willow, Dusty, and Princess
Jim and Cindi Hartman In honor of Ginger
Janice Hawkins In honor of Genesis
Dean and Coralee Heinz In honor of Pause and Maggie
Ronald and Linda Herman In honor of Zack, Lacey and SixShot
Chris Hines In honor of PJ Straightflush (Ruxin); in memory of Bob's Flo (Zoe)
Scott Hitt and Craig Morton In honor of Rory Hitt-Morton and Lovie Hitt-Morton
Wayne and Elise Hitt In memory of Goldie FCH, Cowgirl FCH, Boots FCH, Bronco, FCH, and Blue Zee, FCH
Richard and Karen Holloway In honor of Olivia Grace Holloway and Hank Palmer Holloway
Chris and Linna Hoppe In honor of M's Blazin Out and U Too Denice (Bella)
Valerie and Ken Hosp In honor of Champ, Polly, Mona, Sissy, and Haley
Ron and Connie Howell In honor of Ed's Fast Flyer (Mr. Ed)
Virginia Hudson In honor of Lacy
Esther Ives In memory of Buddy and Amber
Heidi Jansen In honor of Lily (Mind Craft) and Tiger (Naughty and Bold)
Dee Dee and Mike Jernigan In honor of Mohican "Edith"
Bob and Betty Johnson In honor of Sheba and Nadia; in memory of Ossie, Sammi and Jessie
Joan Johnston In honor of PG Lollypop (nka Kahlua-n-Crème) and Caanan Caleb (nka Caleb)
Robert and Betty Jean Jordan In honor of Allie and Mr. Spock; in loving memory of Cosmo, Lily, Trooper, and Walker
Nan and Alan Keel In honor of Chaucer
Daniel Keenan In honor of Investor and Nitro Pedro
Mark Klimko In honor of Blossom and Colton
Virginia Knapp In honor of Elite Mercedes, Henry J. Robb, Alias Smith, and Aristides
Chad Knowle In honor of Gidget
Wendi and Jack Kreps In honor of Riley (Joe's Sweetheart)
Jeff and Beth Kuhn In honor of Cooper, Lincoln, and ZuZu; in memory of Nicole, Thunder, Hawk, Kady, and Max
Anthony and Lynn Kunkel In honor of Kells Cowboy ("Kell") and No More Said ("Sid")
Cheryl Landes In honor of Wolf, Raven, and BellaAmie
Ric and Stephanie Lee In memory of Marco Polo, Bella, and Max; in honor of Ginny, Layla, Cash, and Peggy
Phillip and Julie Lewis In honor of Chase My Boy
Suzanne and Warren Lipson In honor of Cooper, Pecos, and Harvey; in memory of Sukey, Bruno, Nitro, Wilder, Katie, Fame, Joey and Ginger
Dawna Love In honor of Mia, Jeza, Taj, Lucy, Bella, Kiki, Smitty, Mikko, Sasha, Nimby, Calvary, Farley, Sammy, and KittKat
Nancy Loveless In memory of Tigger
Laura Lovell and Scott Keith In memory of Venus (RC Desert Secret) and Luke (Alabama Duke)
Nena and David Lund In memory of Jamie and Buddy
Rachel and Al Luthringer In honor of DLT Sioux (Lance) and Ale Viper (Jenny)
Linda Madison In honor of Boc's Hot Pop N (Honey) and DNJ Apollo; in memory of TM's Go Softly (Mamacita), Tony's Silly Monkey (Mickey) and Tahoe Emerald (Emerald)
Laura Matthews In honor of RB Helens Muscle; in memory of Solitary Hank and MW's Jenny Lynn
Mark and Sharon Maupin In memory of Total It Up; in honor of Cara
Sharon and Ken Maxwell In honor of Dee O
Donald Mayhall
Mickey and Tolliver McGowan In honor of Missi
Steve and Carol McPike In loving memory of Scarlett
Michele Mercier In honor of Rocket Mercier
Christopher Merwin and Margot Wielgus In honor of Rudy (KR Unbridled)
Robert and Sandi Miles In memory of Lulu, Angel, and Asta; in honor of Jen, Allie, and Jazz
Jo Miller In honor of Tally (Superior Tally)
Christine and Charles Miller In honor of Mollie, Casey, and Jenn
Mike and Tracy Moniz In honor of Mercury Moniz
Andrew and Elizabeth Montgomery In honor of Deli and Joy
Pam and Joe Moran In honor of Lilly Hen
Claudette and Mike Morgan In honor of BH's Lil U
Brenda and David Morris In honor of Champ
Samuel Morrison In honor of Unrest
Sherri and James Nelson In honor of Tazz and Sylvester
Herb and Lou Norton In honor of Mingo, Cleo, Rory, BeeBee, Dub, Kestrel, Sadie, Buster, Keaton, and Jack Daniels
Amanda and Gambit Olvera In honor of Felix and Silvia
Alexandra and Pierre Panos In honor of PJ Swerve
John and Laura Parker In honor of Seymor, Evie, Lady, Cole, Dublin, Jane, Piper, Cassie, Katie, Charlie, Violet, Carson and Bertie; in memory of Brandy, Aimee, Golden Girl, Bee Gee, Susie, Walker, Merlin, Mack, Wizz, Winnie, Colonel, Stella, Tuck, Icy, Guinness, Admiral, and Basso
Brandi Parker and Colleen Hartmann In honor of Jazzy (Oakland Dazzle) and Riley (Notorious Verona)
Charles and Jennifer Parks In honor of Chloe
Tonya and Steve Paro In honor of Calieb and Kiki
Charles Parrott In honor of Burglar Alexis (Lexi); in memory of Tiffani, JV Karleen, and Penrose Karlie
Susan Paul In honor of Willow (Go Lucky Shy Girl)
Kelcey and Eric Petersen In honor of Daisy
Gail Pogrzeba and Mark Daniel In honor of Rosie; in memory of Ali
Tamara and Nicolas Prutu In honor of Maxwell and Grace
Kathy Rakestraw In honor of Blaze, Cori, Chloe, Autumn, and BamBam
Diane Ransom In honor of Roxy
Jo Remson In honor of Addison, Max, Chloe Dodge, and Groove
Jackie and Jeffery Reynolds In honor of Annabelle
Tom and Rachel Rose In honor of Calvin and Maya
Jed and Sharon Rosenfeld In honor of Satchmo, Tess, and Beau
Scott and Kerry Ross In memory of Goldy
Ginger Rouse In honor of Cash InYur Chips (Cash) and Flying Wheatstraw (Blue Moon)
Steve and Barbara Sako In honor of A Star Mr. Dudley
Jon Schlesinger In memory of Yukon Wilma (Wilma) and Pa's Makin Time (Boomer); in honor of U Too Darvish (Darvish)
Sally and Milt Schreiber In honor of Amber
Christine and Dean Sever In honor of Greycie, Roz, Lucy, and Lily
Illyse and Thomas Sheaffer In memory of Lilly (passed 2016); in honor of Meteor, Xander, and Noah (Italian Greyhound)
Joel and Lorelei Shipp In memory of Becky, Sweet Pea, and Tege... waiting to meet us at the bridge; in honor of Roodee - left to "suffer" with us
Gary Siebert and David McCauley In honor of Corky and Luke; in memory of Whip
Amanda Simmons In honor of Melah (fka BP's White Lies)
Dana and Mike Simmons In memory of Oshkosh Police (Police), Joe Doe (Joe), U Go Bumper (Bumper), Power Link (Link), Black Sombrero (Sombrero), Dewey Keepsake (Skye), Kansas Edition (Kansas), Mohican Danny (Miles), Tom S Sugarplum (Lady Bug) and Milo Adrian (Milo); In honor of: JD Uptown Brandy (Brandy), NMS Pit Master (Chief) and Bohemian BTO (Beau).
Col Frederic Smith III In memory of Dolly
Drew Smith In honor of Henry; in memory of Zeus, Cody and Binder
Garrett Smith In honor of Gracie, Rico, Buddy, and Penny
Gregory Smith In honor of Mr. Bones (aka Vittorio Bones)
James and Karen Snave In memory of Clifford; in honor of De's Bear
Marnie Sosnovsky In honor of PG Monona (Mona) and PG Moran (Mikko)
Karlene Spencer In honor of Pixel and Cleo
Katie and Gene Spier In memory of Twix, Gracie (Tayter Baby) and Angus; in honor of Justins on Fire
Paul, Lori, Nora and Molly St. Onge In memory of Joseba (RL's Prosper), Beloki (Toddie Time), Frankie (B's Frankie), Pantani (Cool Humor), and Dash (Eastern Star)
Aimee Staley In honor of Ellie and Kelsos Sonja ("Sophie")
Michael and Donarene Steele In honor of Mikey
Sharon Stewart In honor of Linda Stewart (Greyhound 1991 - 2004)
Donna and Sandy Stewart In honor of JA's Wings(Bella), CTR Diamond Lobo(Lobo), Sassyshenanigans(Sassy), and WW's Conquer(Indigo)
Stacie and Shawn Stoner In honor of Georgia
Tom and Tara Storck In honor of Trak Dart, Squad Chief, Reko Sheeba, USA Hawkeye, Tom S House and all our GH Guests
Dave and Lisa Strickland In honor of Rooftop Noble (Noble), Hallo Cookietime (Cookie), Admiral's Top Gun (Maverick), Minnie, and Well Worth It (Maya); in loving memory of LK Sawbones (Ray) and Pfanny's Oilslick (Slick)
Tina Surls In honor of Maya Surls
Jeff and Patricia Swift In memory of Penny, Goldie, and Gordon
Scott and Kim Tanke In honor of Oxbow Video
Carolyn Thomas In honor of Molly, Kaden, Spice, and Charcoal
Dee Thompson In honor of Captain, Morgan, Zoe, and Ben
Linda Tindal and Fred Davis In honor of Buddy, Rubin, and Stella
Jennifer and Eric Ursaner In honor of Sissy and T-Bone; in memory of Katie
Sally Ussery In honor of Rock n Roll Ussery
Ashley and Webb Vandiver In honor of Daizy Vandiver
Tim Vick and Lynn McCraney In loving memory of VE's First Choice (Truly) and Skiddy Amber (Maggie); in honor of Flying Gawker (Walker). Pearl's Harbor (Lucy), and AJN My Manny (Manny)
Thomas and Jane Walker In memory of Queen City Lass (Lady) April 23, 1995 - September 20, 2012 and Red Upset (Arrow) March 15, 1997 - March 15, 2011; in honor of Locall Galaxie (Galaxie) April 21, 2009
John and Barbara Walsh In memory of Wild Song, Katie Marie, Curly, and Shadow; in honor of April
Linda Watkins In honor of Fly By Desire (Dixie)
Jim and Glennis Westbrook In memory of Kasper and Riot
Bruce and Andrea White In honor of Independence
Lucy Whyte In memory of Baffling Beth (Beth), Mocan Traveler (Callie) and UCME Kit Kat (Kit Kat)
Diana Willis
Patty Winters In memory of Mariah, Gracie, Loretta, Jackie, Marie, Nina,Thomas, GeeGee - all at the bridge; in honor of Annie, Cocoa, Sonny, Mackie, and Hillary- alive and happy
Jeff and Pat Wise In memory of Dexter; in honor of Debra
Joe and Rolinda Wittman In memory of Domino
Carol Young In honor of Alex
Jeanne and Jeff Young In honor of Kelso's Tom Brady and Gretchen Carlson
Mark and Brenda Young In memory of Angel
Howard and Geni Zaleznak In honor of Daisy Mayhem
Greg and Michelle Zivic In honor of Bold Memory