Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Hounds of 2017 Honored
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Hounds of 2017 Honored

SEGA is so grateful for all who have supported the Hounds of 2017 campaign. Below are the donors and the hound or hounds they have chosen to honor.

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Donor In Honor Of
Mindy Abel In honor of Kingston
Jessica Ansley In honor of Sundance; in memory of Lady, Lila, and Scandal
Jennifer and Stephen Bachelor In honor of Riley, Seven and Maddie; in memory of Gator, Jessie, Teresa, Katie, Travis, Stacker, Julie, and Allie
Patsy and John Bassett In honor of Beacon and Victoria
Elise and Scott Berman In honor of Rumor and Bruiser; in memory of Sonic
Jennifer Bexley In memory of Hoot Evers
Elly and Charlie Bishop In honor of Sammy and KC Iron Ore
Tina and Mark Bliese In honor of Blaze and Turbo
Holly Bowden and Gary Dove In honor of Cosmo and Zoey
Keira and Jay Camillo In memory of Kai and Sophie
Michelene, Michael and Alison Cappas In honor of Nila
Alice and Sal Casas In honor of Candy
Laura Cavalli In memory of Noah (BBR Takin Over) and Jedi (Halo Jedi)
Brenda Cleary In honor of Boc's Long Beard (Butch)
F. H. Boyd Coons In honor of Winnie, Ada, Chloe, Flora, and Ila
Marty and Keith Crites In honor of Here's Why and Zooindo; in loving memory of AB Valid Divine, my heart dog, the one who started me on this journey
Laurie and Craig Dagilis In honor of Office Jan, One Last Ride, and Whytell Willean
Cynthia Dance and Charles Hauck In honor of Boc's Playnagain (GiGi)
Angela and Tim Davis In honor of Dutch Rocket and Palomino Payton; in loving memory of my heart dog Johnny.
Jared Davis
Rich and Helga Diggelmann In honor of Ginny; in memory of Lucy, Lucky, and Donna
John Dobson In honor of Fiesta Darling, Slick Nick, and Queens Goldie
Donna and Lon Eagle In honor of Pfanny's Century
Kevin and Tracy Edmonston In honor of JK Sun Shine and Spacen Vader
David and Mary Ellison In memory of Molly
Joel Feldstein In honor of Mingo; in memory of Asta
Michael Fobbus In honor of Ebro, Zydeco, and Boudreaux
Robin and Gary Foster In honor of Percy and Jordan; in memory of Bonnie, Lovey, Sadie, and Bailey
Sharon Frapwell In honor of Bottsie and Lily
Scott and Amy Gaylord In honor of Lindsey Girl, Cricket Boo, Anubis (Nubey), and J.D. - always in out hearts and will be loved forever
Kristen Gebhardt (for Linda Madison) In memory of Apollo Madison
Patricia and Ronald Gilmore In honor of Seco Reeses
Travis Wright and Doug Gravino In memory of Checkered Belle (Neko), LNB Leo (Remy), and Tom Hagen (Tom)
Jeanne and Bobby Green In honor of Zoie and Butterscotch
Pat and Howard Greenwald In honor of Jamie
Mary and Barry Greenway In memory of Spirit, Shadow, Rambler, Heidi, and Daring Lefty (Boo)
Holly Grell-Lawe In honor of Anything I CanDo (Bogart)
Erin and John Grigsby In honor of Prince, Teak, Sadie, Elwood, Annie, and Barracuda
Maritza Gutierrez-Ray In honor of Mac
Vail Hanna In honor of Kaatje, Bertha, and Suzi
Amy and Chris Hardin In honor of Penny and Percy
Jim and Cindi Hartman In honor of Ginger
Lisa and David Hawkins In honor of Hawkeye Rachel and Rumsfeld
Lynn and Todd Heflin In honor of Ginger, Danny, Weyburn, and Cupcake
Craig Morton and Scott Hitt In honor of Rory Hitt-Morton and Lovie Hitt-Morton
Jann Howell In memory of Clyde
Ginger James In honor of Flora and Roger
Nan and Alan Keel In honor of Chaucer "Magic Tempura" Keel
Mark Klimko In honor of Blossom and Colton
Chad Knowle In honor of Gidget
Anthony and Lynn Kunkel In honor of Kells Cowboy (Kell) and No More Said (Sid)
Cheryl Landes In honor of Wolf, Raven, and BellaAmie
Leane and John Lee In honor of WW"s King Bird
Suzanne and Warren Lipson In honor of Harvey and Pecos; in memory of Bruno, Nitro, Wilder, Joey, Ginger, Fame, Katie, Sukey and Cooper
Carolyn Lyden and Sean Anderson In honor of Slatex Mancos
Jennifer and Michael Maxwell In honor of Blues Brother
Sharon and Ken Maxwell In honor of Dee O
Donald Mayhall In honor of Gable Sooty
Lynn McCraney and Tim Vick In honor of Walker, Lucy, and Manny; in loving memory of Truly and Maggie
Mickey and Tolliver McGowan In memory of Missi, R.I.P. Sweet Girl
Carol and Steve McPike In memory of Scarlett
Mike and Tracy Moniz In honor of Mercury
Andrew and Elizabeth Montgomery In honor of Deli and Joy
Kamaria Morris In honor of Ale Limbo and GB's Alonzo
Lou and Herb Norton In honor of Mingo, Cleo, Rory, BeeBee, Dub, Kestrel, Sadie, Buster, Keaton, and Jack Daniels
Sue O'Brien and Bob Wassel In honor of Spindle Top and Loki
Alexandra and Pierre Panos In honor of Prada
Mike Parr and Shelley Riley In honor of Merlin
Gail Pogrzeba and Mark Daniel In honor of Rosie; in memory of Ali
Kathy Rakestraw In honor of Blaze, Cori, Autumn & BamBam; in memory of Chloe
Jo Remson In honor of Addison, Max, Chloe, and Groove
Meghan Rizzo In honor of Adele
Cathy and John Robertson In honor of Jasper and Beau; in memory of Thumper
Barb and Rich Robinson In honor of Brena; in memory of Raider, Marni, Ash, Dane, and Whyever
Ginger Rouse In honor of Cash InYur Chips (Cash) and Flying Wheatstraw (Blue Moon)
Linda Schultz In honor of Striker
Christine and Dean Sever In honor of Lily, Lucy, Greycie, and Roz
Joel and Lorelei Shipp In honor of Roodee Roo (nka I Remember You);in memory of: Tege (nka Strategery), Sweet Pea, and Becky (nka First & Gold). All have forever marked our hearts.
Gary Siebert and David McCauley In loving memory of Whip and in honor of Corky and Luke
Frederic Smith III In memory of Dolly
Gregory Smith In honor of Mr. Bones (Vittorio Bones)
Karlene Spencer In honor of Pixel and Cleo
Katie and Gene Spier In memory of Twix, Gracie (Tayter Baby) and Angus; in honor of Justins on Fire (Harly)
Paul, Lori, Nora, and Molly St. Onge In memory of Joseba (RL's Prosper), Beloki (Toddie Time), Frankie (B's Frankie), Pantani (Cool Humor), and Dash (Eastern Star)
Tara and Tom Storck In honor of Track Dart, Reko's Sheeba, Squad Chief, USA Hawkeye, and Tom S House
Tina Surls In honor of Maya
Jeff and Patricia Swift In memory of Penny, Goldie, Gordon, and Chowder - loved forever
Clay and Taylor Szoke In honor of Boc's Fluffers (Dash)
Scott and Kim Tanke In memory of Oxbow Video
Dee Thompson In honor of Ben and Zoe; in memory of Captain and Morgan
Linda Tindal and Fred Davis In honor of Buddy Boy, Rubin Toobin', Stella Star Luna, and all our Greyhaven guests!
Charles Warner In honor of Mia
Glennis and Jim Westbrook In honor of Duke, Kasper, and Riot
Christopher and Lauren Whalen In honor of Arabella - our beauty; in memory of Tigger - our first love, Daisy - our wanderer, and Jax - our goofy boy
Michael and Carole Wilds
Bill Willis In honor of RMJ's Vigilant
Rachel and Eric Winter In honor of Jonas, Hobey, and Henry