Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Hounds of 2018 Honored
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Hounds of 2018 Honored

SEGA is so grateful for all who have supported the Hounds of 2018 campaign. Below are the donors and the hound or hounds they have chosen to honor.

Donor In Honor Of
Julie Adams In honor of Gomez and Hey JoJo
Karen Anderson-Cordova and Mark Barnes In honor of Fawn (Fawnderella)
Debra and Julie Aring In honor of Tess and Gabe
Jennifer and Stephen Bachelor In honor of Riley, Seven, Maddie, and Ivy; in memory of Gator, Jessie, Teresa, Katie, Travis, Stacker, Julie, and Allie
Cheryl Baer In honor of Dottie and Coco
Jennifer Bexley In memory of Hoot Evers
Mary and Fred Bounds and Linda Bounds In honor of Cleopatra (Get Down Gopher)
Ginny and Tom Bowling In honor of Luke Skywalker and Marlise "the puppy dog"
Alison Brooks and Jim Harger In honor of Morpheus (BL Electronic)
Betty and Bob Budnek In honor of Dancer, Pauly, Caraway, Ranger, and Rocky
Keira and Jay Camillo In memory of Kai and Sophie
Laura and Frank Campbell
Cecil Cannon In memory of Manny (Mo Money) and Gwen (Gwenyth)
Michelene, Michael and Alison Cappas In honor of Nila
Laura Cavalli In memory of Noah (BBR Takin Over) and Jedi (Halo Jedi)
Calli Cook In honor of Jethro, Darla and Sashi
F. H. Boyd Coons In honor of Winnie, Ada, Chloe, Flora, and Ila
Adam, Nanci, Piper and Teddy Corsi In honor of Amber
Bill and Beverly Crawford In honor of Lacrosse, Bear, Crosby, and Mick
Laurie and Craig Dagilis In honor of Office Jan, One Last Ride, and Whytell Willean
Helga and Richard Diggelmann In honor of Lucy, Lucky, Donna and Ginny
Kevin and Tracy Edmonston In honor of JK Sun Shine and Spacen Vader
Susan Englebrecht
Rachel and Tom Esposito In honor of Lottie (Lottie of Money) Esposito
Michael Fobbus In honor of Ebro, Zydeco, and Boudreaux
Kathy Fowler In honor of Q and Jane; in memory of Oreo, Sam, Jacey, Silver, and Tigger
Sharon Frapwell In honor of Bottsie and Lily
Scott and Amy Gaylord In honor of Lindey, Cricket, Nubie, and JD - Always in our prayers and "forever" in our hearts
Brandon and Monica Geddis In honor of Kutter
Patricia and Ronald Gilmore In memory of Seco Reeses
Doug Gravino and Travis Wright In memory of Checkered Belle (Neko), LNB Leo (Remy), and Tom Hagen (Tom)
Mary and Barry Greenway In memory of Spirit, Shadow, Rambler, Heidi, and Daring Lefty (Boo)
Holly Grell-Lawe In honor of Anything I CanDo (Bogart)
Kim Griffith and John Strickland In honor of Honey, Bear, Jake, and Bud
Linda and Ronald Herman In honor of Zack (Hanks Overtime), Lacey (Fast Pace Lace), and SixShot (Blu Too Six Shot)
Virginia Hudson In honor of Lacy
Joan Johnston In honor of Kahlua and Caleb
Melanie and Jeremy Jones In honor of AH's Tatiana (Ana)
Mimi and Robert Jones In memory of Magic (1999-2011), Bibee (1998-2012), and Bravo (1997-2009)
Chad Knowle In honor of Gidget
Brian and Jill Koch In honor of SJ Wave Ralph
Wendi and Jack Kreps In honor of Riley (Joe's Sweetheart) and Lilly (WW Fluff)
Anthony and Lynn Kunkel In honor of Kells Cowboy (Kell) and No More Said (Sid)
Cheryl Landes In honor of Wolf, Raven, Justin, and BellaAmie
Cecilia LeVear In honor of Lauren and Haylee
Suzanne and Warren Lipson In honor of Harvey and Pecos; in memory of Bruno, Nitro, Wilder, Joey, Ginger, Fame, Katie, Sukey and Cooper
Sharon and Ken Maxwell In honor of Dee O
Donald Mayhall In honor of Gable Sooty
Steve and Carol McPike In memory of Scarlett
Jessica and Stephen Mimbs In honor of Bruce (Dancing Slugger)
Rebecca and Jason Molesworth In honor of Chloe; in memory of Charlie Bean
Pamela and Crosby Olinto In honor of Angel (fka GB's Angel); in memory of Dora (fka Ugo Dior Drive)
Mike Parr and Shelley Riley In honor of Merlin (Kiowa Cold Hart)
Laura and Wilson Pritt In honor of Sky, Angel, and Abree
Lex and Jan Reavis In honor of Zoe, Morgan and Captain
Denise and Nicholas Riggin In honor of WW Lady Elect
John and Mary Lyn Robinson In honor of BF Par Nova
Ginger Rouse In honor of Cash InYur Chips (Cash) and Flying Wheatstraw (Blue Moon)
Lynn Sawyer
Ben and Stacey Schepens In honor of Luna and Hermione
Dennis and Carole Schmitt In honor of True Chatter
Linda Schultz In honor of Striker
Illyse and Thomas Sheaffer In memory of Lilly; in honor of Meteor, Xander, and Noah (Italian Greyhound)
James and Steven Shelton In honor of Seth (CT Slick Rick); in memory of Zippy and Luke
Joel and Lorelei Shipp In loving memory of Becky (First & Gold), Sweet Pea, Roodee Roo (I Remember You) and Tege (Strategery)
Frederic Smith III In memory of Dolly
Garrett Smith In honor of Grace, Rico, Buddy, Penny, and Ben
Katie and Gene Spier In memory of Patsy, Twix, Gracie (Tayter Baby) and Angus; in honor of Justins on Fire (Harly)
Sharon Stewart In memory of Amelinda (Linda) 1991 - 2004
Tara and Tom Storck In honor of Track Dart, Reko Sheeba, Squad Chief, USA Hawkeye and Tom S House
Ryan Swartz In honor of Cobi's Sulley
Jeff and Patricia Swift In memory of Penny, Goldie, Gordon and Chowder
Clay and Taylor Szoke In honor of Dash
Scott and Kim Tanke In memory of Oxbow Video
Dee Thompson In honor of Captain, Morgan, Zoe, Ben, and Lady Bug
Glennis and Jim Westbrook In honor of Duke, Kasper, and Riot
Bruce and Andrea White In honor of Indy and Rita
Margot Wielgus and Christopher Merwin In honor of Rudy
Alex Wu and Fuyuen Yip In honor of Trevor and Ani
Howard and Geni Zaleznak In honor of Daisy Mayhem
Greg and Michelle Zivic In honor of Bold Memory