Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Contests
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Greyhound King and Queen

The Greyhound King and Queen will be announced at the end of the Conformation Show. The Conformation Show is included in your registration fee and starts at 1 p.m. It is open to any Greyhounds attending. The male and female winners of the Conformation Show will be crowned King and Queen. The criteria for judging will be overall structure/conformation, fitness/muscular development, coat health, and temperament.

Blur of Fur

The cost is $5 per hound per run. Purchase tickets at the SEGA ticket table. The priority will be first runs for all hounds entered. If time and conditions permit we will do second runs (purchase additional ticket) up until noon. Please ensure your Greyhound is properly conditioned to run and has nails that are an appropriate length. Winners will be announced at 12:30 p.m.


We will have several raffle items as well as a 50/50 cash raffle. You may purchase tickets at the SEGA raffle table. Cost will be $1 for 1 ticket and $5 for 6 tickets. Winners will be announced at 12:30 p.m.