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Bailey (Dryburgh)

In Memory of Bailey (aka Fortunate Bitsy)
(March 15, 1996 - June 8, 2010)

Bailey Bailey

It is with a heavy heart that I am finally able to submit this memoriam on behalf of our entire family as a remembrance of our sweet hound Bailey who we lost at the mature age of almost 14 1/2 years old this past June. We had to put her to rest as her age took its toll on her fragile body. It has taken me a while to put these words and feelings on paper as the loss of a loved one is often so painful and Bailey’s loss is no exception.

Bailey (aka Fortunate Bitsy) was SEGA tag #25. I got her in 1998 shortly after her retirement at age 2 from the Birmingham track. She was a beautiful, unusually soft, petite brindle girl who I spotted at a "Tucker Days" event. I wasn't necessarily looking for a Greyhound but there was something about Bailey and once she became mine she filled my heart with so much love and joy for the past 12-1/2 years. Bailey was a dear friend, my "first" little baby girl, and an extraordinary dog. She was more human than canine for sure!


I adopted from Bailey before I was married to my wonderful husband Mark and became a mommy to our human baby Ashley. Bailey and I were very close and as a single woman at the time, my pal Bailey and I were often inseparable. I took her everywhere and she enjoyed going. We walked in the park on weekends, ran at the Chattahoochee nature trails, and even went shopping. At times she was an ambassador for SEGA because often in our travels we'd run into folks who had never seen a Greyhound up close. ("You mean they are not actually GRAY?” people would ask.)

Bailey was a great pet therapy dog and enjoyed going to Waterford Gardens Assisted Living in Dunwoody weekly where she was welcomed by many of the residents. She was a real conversation piece. People did not remember my name but they remembered Bailey and called me Bailey's mommy!

When Mark and I had our little girl (Ashley) Bailey became the best big sister a kid could have. Although never really exposed to children, she quickly learned to love children and enjoyed being around Ashley and playing together with her. Bailey had such patience when Ashley would dress her up as a princess and they'd have tea parties together. It was an amazing relationship which at times surprised us that a dog would put up with so much from a toddler. In fact, Ashley's very first word was BAILEY!


It is so hard to recap on paper the last 12-1/2 years that we shared together and I still have days where things just come to mind and I am shaken up from the memories of the great times we had with Bailey. I could go on and on about the wonderful ways she touched our lives but as Greyhound owners you all understand that once you own a hound like this, your life changes forever.

Through this memoriam, my family and I can say goodbye to our friend in a way that will give her great honor and recognition for a life well lived, a friendship that will go on in our hearts forever, and for being the best pet a human could ever love.

Run like the wind sweet girl, our love. You will never be forgotten and your incredible spirit will always live with us.

Gail, Mark and Ashley Dryburgh