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(March 10, 1997 - January 19, 2008)


With heavy heart I report losing our beloved Becky to mast cell cancer. She was less than two months shy of her 11th birthday.

After researching every breed of canine, I realized that adopting a retired racing Greyhound was exactly what my new husband and I needed to do for our fledging household. Aware that I wouldn't have children, I desperately wanted a dog. On my 30th birthday, my best friend from childhood and I went to the SEGA kennels to take a look at the hounds. Already I had my heart set on a picture and description of a much younger male. Catherine and Beth had me walk each of the cat tolerant dogs available (because I had a kitty at home, who had already been dear to me for five years). Needless to say, the second that Becky's six-year-old timid, quiet, leaning older self came out of the run, my eyes filled with tears - as did my friend's - because we new she was the one.

The joys that Becky brought us cannot be numbered. She was well-mannered, regal, and friendly. Loving and beautiful, she held her head high until the very end. Becky fought her cancer hard and for that, we fought with her, but did not allow her to suffer. Third opinions were sought, and a second Grey was brought into the home to give her company.

I've been told that you will always cherish your first Greyhound. I know that I will always grieve her, now that months have passed. The difficulty of having a near perfect dog for a beginner makes training and behavior hard for my new one that is much younger. I'm sure she smiles that wide smile at me from somewhere else, and wishes her human father wouldn't raise his voice so much...that makes her think it is play time.

Just a week after she passed, her littermate's owner found me...after all these years. All I could tell her was that I wished she'd been just a few weeks earlier. We exchanged pictures and will maybe meet. Becky's little brother bears a resemblance to his sis.

Becky 2

Becky will always truly be my "First and Gold," and I was blessed to have had her choose me. What a loss it would have been, had my stubborness made me bring home the other one, whose name I can't even remember.

The picture that I chose to go with this memoriam shows the two great loves of my life and the best love of Becky's, aside from running and sleeping. Although I brought her home...she was "Joel's dog." And he loved her as much or more than me. This photo was taken less than a month before she left us.

Becky visits me in my dreams, and I hope that never stops. She used to run in hers, and now I chase her in mine.

Run fast, Princess Beckyboo...someday, I'll be right behind and catch you!