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Bella (Mordarski)

Bella (Mordarski)
In memory of Bella (aka Keota Back It Up)
(September 4, 2000 - April 3, 2012)


We are very saddened to announce that we lost our wonderful girl Bella last Tuesday. She ran into a string of health issues that were beyond her strong will to fight. Our home is much quieter and lacks the leadership that Bella brought to us.

The first time I saw Bella in front of Lake City Animal Hospital being walked by her foster owner I knew that there was something about her that made me want to adopt her. She walked over to me and leaned on me and gave me a look of love that her big expressive eyes conveyed. We have enjoyed her for the last five and a half years through good times and bad. She provided strong leadership to our other rescues and often to us. Bella had a mind that demanded that she be right and she frequently voiced her opinion to us. If a meal was five minutes late or her liver cookie was not presented at a certain time during her meal she would tell you with no uncertainty.

The first thing people would notice was her soft almost cotton like fur, kids always asked why her fur was so soft - it was one of her unusual features. If you ask any of the Pope cheerleaders the other feature she had was a distinct drive to be the best, she so looked forward to the Friday nights at Pope. It was her opportunity to run with the dogs again and she took it very seriously. When we took her to the dog park she loved to step between other fighting dogs and just stand and dare them to do anything. She was always successful - there was a presence of control that she had that other dogs understood.

We will miss this great animal, she will never be forgotten. Bella was my sweet old lady and all of us loved her very much.