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(March 1999 - August 31, 2007)


Today is December 17, three and half months since we lost our beloved Greyhound, Camelot, and I am struggling to see the monitor as I type because of the tears in my eyes.

My family was so fortunate to be able to adopt a Greyhound that was only 11 months old. We adopted Cam on Valentines Day 2000. The thrill and joy of having such a graceful and beautiful addition to our family were feelings that were present in all of us for the entire seven and half years that he brightened our lives. His passing has left a hole in our hearts that will never be replaced – we loved him as much as humanly possible.

Cam was truly a gift from angels. We were in the process of looking for a pet in early 2000, and through fate, accidently came across a SEGA meeting in Cartersville. Cam had just been rescued the day before from Florida – when we first saw him, we all knew he was going to be ours.

Being so young, his personality was shaped from his loving environment. He was constantly given a number of stuffed animals – his” babies,” and he always brought one to my wife when she said “go get your baby." When I was working in my home office in the basement, my wife would always say “go see daddy," and all of a sudden he would appear and slam his front legs down on the carpet to get my attention. We called it “playing the bongos." He would then run complete circles around our basement bar as if he were in a race. In the last couple of years we allowed him to sprawl out on our couch because he looked so beautiful. Little did we know, he would soon become competition over who would take control of the couch. Ultimately, we wound up sharing the couch together.

Cam loved to travel with us and always went crazy when asked “want to go for a ride?". He would work himself into a complete frenzy until he was safely in the back of our SUV.

In July, one month before he passed, we took him to the beach. He absolutely loved the sand and water, and as usual, always attracted a lot of attention when we walked him on the beach. What a wonderful time with him during that trip – we had no idea it would be his last.

Cam got sick so quickly with cancer. We had no idea until the last week of his life – he gave us 100% of his love and attention until the last day of his life.

The energy level in our house has never been the same. We still appear to “see” his reflection in the front door, “hear” him and his nails walking on our hardwood floors, and “feel” him at night bumping against our bed.

He will always be in our hearts, even though they are still broken.

We love you Cam, and we miss you so very much.

Steve, Katherine, and Sean Frazier
Marietta, Georgia