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Big Sky's Annie Oakley, AKA Digger Dogg, J.C.
By Todd and Robin Birchfield


When we adopted our first Greyhound 5 years ago, we had no idea what doors that event would open and how much of an impact it would have on our lives.

The story goes that Digger was a survivor from an abandoned kennel in Ocala, Florida. An event that is chronicled in the National Geographic episode, "Running for their Lives." She is present in the video. She later went on to stay at one of the rescuers homes until she made her way up to Atlanta for adoption.

Fourth of July weekend 1995, we adopted Digger from Adopt a Greyhound. After weeks of searching for just the right dog, when we met Digger, we knew it was meant to be. She was lying in hole that she had dug, something she continued to do throughout her life, she look at us with those eyes, oh those big brown eyes. She pulled her paw up and beckoned to us. We were hooked.

We spent exhaustive hours trying to get some type of racing history on her but to no avail. We were told that sometimes the tattoo numbers are changed on dogs that are being shipped out of the country.

Digger had a brief stint lure coursing in the Veterans class and even had the distinction of winning one Best of Breed award. One day in September 1998 she went off the line and chased the bunny about 100 yards and turned around and looked at us and said ."No more Mom and Dad, I want my couch." From there on she could be found lounging on various van seats and sofas and even her Aunt Kate's motor home. No doubt, she had her tongue hanging out. She had a wonderful sense of humor.

Early on, we took her to meet and greets and she was a hit. She got into it so much that we had to explain to potential adopters that she was very much taken.

We lost Digger to a brain stem tumor on July 19, 2000. She spent the last of her days still keeping up with her brothers Mikie, Kookie, and J.R. Losing her was devastating. We will miss her greatly. She was our first and gave us more joy and love than she will ever know.