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(May 7, 2003 - January 15, 2013)


Duke was given to God on January 15, 2013. He was 9 years old. We had to make a very hard decision to let him go to heaven. He was in so much pain and could no longer walk.

He was such a special boy with an amazing personality. We will miss him so very much!!!


We adopted him in July 2008 and loved him from the start. He fit right into the family like he was always there.

We will miss the way he would get so excited about feeding time he would jump up and touch his nose to your ear. He would never jump on you but just touch his nose to your ear. He would do figure 8's in the back yard so much that we have ruts in the yard. He loved stuffed animals and would play and sleep with them and never chew them up. He loved to howl at emergency and police sirens and hated thunderstorms. He also loved to ride in the car and go anywhere with us.


He was an amazing greyhound and a huge part of our lives.

Duke, we love and miss you!!

The McGinnis Family