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(April 1998 - October 26, 2012)


We met you at your foster home, we sat down on a step so we could watch and interact with you. You immediately sat on our laps and the decision that you were ours was made.

You never raced as you suffered a broken leg at your training facility. We're just glad that someone liked you enough to give you to a rescue group and ultimately to us. Your leg healed a little funky but it didn't stop you from running like a gazelle in the yard. On occasion, you would come up lame and I would make a big fuss over you saying, "what's the matter Famey, you have a boo boo on your foot." Eventually you learned that if you pretended to have a boo boo, you would gets lots of attention. You put on a great performance.

You weren't afraid of storms, fireworks or Halloween. Each year you dressed up as a devil and the neighborhood kids had such a good time paying attention to you. You knew no strangers. As our M & G ambassadog, you charmed all that met you. You especially liked to sit in my lap, whether on the floor or in a chair.

Even as you aged, you enjoyed chasing the boys in the yard. You loved to prance in front of them and bark in their faces as though you were saying, come on guys, let’s see what trouble we can start.

You loved to sleep in our bed, but never mastered the art of jumping up on it, so each night you would put your front paws on the bed and one of us would give you a boost from the rear. You would then run over to dads place on the bed to beat him to the perfect spot. Each night dad would have to flip you, twist you and push you to the middle of the bed so he could get in. This happened night after night. I guess it was one of your little games.

You loved to lay like a frog with your back legs behind you. When you did that, we called you our froggie girl. But most of the time, when you were at your most loving, we called you "mommy," I guess it was the highest form of endearment that we knew. So "mommy girl," I hope you know how much you were loved, how much you will be missed and how much you made us smile every day.

Love your mom and dad,
Suzanne & Warren Lipson