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(April 6, 1993 - April 7, 1999)


There is something special about a Greyhound who causes her adoptive family to become so enamored of the breed that they adopt a second and then a third Greyhound and become active in Greyhound adoption. Scores of Greyhounds are saved in part because one Greyhound so touched the hearts of one family. Such a Greyhound was Foxey, who was adopted by David, Beth, Jessica and Jennifer Alley in 1995. Foxey was a good racer, but had the unfortunate habit of turning her head during races and getting "ticketed" for interference. Vacationing in Florida, the Alleys went to the Pensacola Greyhound Track adoption kennel, and were introduced to Foxey, whose last chance to redeem herself by running cleanly was that very evening. Foxey must have decided she liked the Alleys. She turned her head once again that night, and found herself headed for Georgia the next morning.

Foxey made a quick and easy transition to pet life, and took up her throne on the couch in the Alleys' study. She became the mascot for the Pope High School football team (the "Greyhounds") and was a highly visible ambassador for Greyhound adoption. David Alley and Foxey discovered lure coursing together, and Foxey excelled - with no head turning ! She took top honors at both of SEGC's fun trials, winning the Rescue Trophy at the first Run for Rescue in March 1997. Foxey went on to become the number 2 coursing Greyhound in the nation in 1997, and earned both her Field Champion and Lure Courser of Merit titles.

Foxey's untimely death was a blow to all who knew her. But she leaves wonderful memories for the Alleys and the legacy of the role she played in the adoption of many, many Greyhounds. Rest in peace, Foxey. May you run like the wind in the safety of God's hand.