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Tribute to Ginger
Our "Little Princess"
(March 9, 1998 - March 23, 2009)


It was a rainy December morning, in 2000, when you were brought to our home so we could meet you. You were a very shy girl and your foster mom wanted to make sure that you would be in a safe place with people who would be patient with you.

Your registered name was Dot’s Countess, but you were called Ginger because of your color. You were gorgeous. The most beautiful blond fawn color and your coat felt like satin.

You were very timid and very frightened of storms. You would shake and pace and try to hide behind the TV set. You finally found some comfort in hiding in our closet, so we put a bed in there for you, so you could feel more secure and safe. You became more confident over time and would no longer hide when company came. You loved getting petted and would wait patiently for someone to come to love on you.

As ladylike as you were, you were a hussy when let out back with “the boys,” Joey and Cooper. You wouldn’t even let them pee in peace. You would jump in front of them and nip at their necks trying to get something started, but they knew you and wouldn’t have any part of your antics. On occasion, Cooper would take off running with you in hot pursuit, but he knew how to duck in between the bushes and get away from you.

One of your favorite places to relax was on the little two seater that we had on the back deck. You would lay there and sun yourself until we called you in.

Stuffies were your favorite toy. You would always greet us with a stuffie in your mouth. You would either come to the door with one of them or sit like a princess on your bed with the stuffie proudly in your mouth. Over time, you learned to drop the stuffie by the back door before you would go outside, and you would pick it up when you came back in.

Ginger, you were as gentle as a butterfly. You may have come to us on a rainy December morning, but you brought sunshine to our lives every day. Run fast and without pain, sweet girl. You will be greatly missed.

Suzanne and Warren Lipson