Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Hank
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(June 2, 2001- June 27, 2011)


It saddens me to say that I lost my beloved Hank to leukemia. Hank adopted me in September 2006, and from that day forward he showed me a love I never thought was possible! I have had different breeds of dogs before, but there is something just so special about Greyhounds. Only having five years with him was way too short, but those five years with him were some of the best five years of my life! Hank never complained about anything unless it was 7:01 a.m./p.m. and he had not been fed yet. He was my clock and I miss that. We made many memories together and I will cherish them forever, you will be greatly missed Hank, my Leaner Dog.

Love you always and forever,
Mommy, and sister Jenny