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We were very fortunate to find Hazel in July of 2000. She was 4 years old and just too cute. We seemed to bond with her instantly. She had such a gentle and loving way about her that we just couldn't resist. She was our first born and taught us a lot about parenthood. Although she seemed a little week in the last couple of weeks, she did not present any outright symptoms of illness. On her last day she simply would not eat (not even treats or peanut butter) and stayed pretty much in the same spot all day. Sadly, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on the evening of February 21, 2008.

Hazel is now chasing squirrels and bunnies up in heaven,
She had to leave us when she was just eleven.

More than just a dog, she loved us all as we did her,
She could have been our mother, sister or our daughter.

Her loving lick, her cold nose peck when walking by,
Your spirits, she lifted way up high.

Her toasty belly, her goofy looks, her wagging tail,
The way she welcomed us with her heartfelt wail.

At attention when hearing treat, walk, ride or PEANUT BUTTER,
Such words would surely make her jump or shudder.

The way she shook her head no, when she REALLY meant YES,
We loved her lots we must confess.

No longer will we fluff her bed,
No longer will we pet her head.

We will miss the funny way she sat,
We will miss her in her funny hat.

We will miss those early morning walks,
We will miss the way she talks.

Although it's very hard to say goodbye,
We know she will be watching from the sky.

Enrique, Andrea, Enrique II, and Julia Crespo