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Heidi (aka Drivinmiss Heidi)
May 19, 2002 - May 9, 2009


It is with great sorrow that I’m writing of the passing of Heidi due to a burst tumor on her spleen. She showed no signs of illness until the afternoon before she died. Heidi was our weather barometer and hated storms. Since storms were in the area we thought that was the problem. She slept in our bedroom with us so I brought water in for her that evening. Around two in the morning she got up to drink and I heard her collapse. We rushed her to the emergency hospital but she didn’t make it.

I requested an intelligent active Greyhound and that’s exactly what SEGA gave me. Heidi learned how to sit, stay, and shake in the first week, stairs the first day. I can’t tell you just how infectious her happy attitude was. She was up for any kind of fun right up to the day before she died. SEGA did warn me that she was a blankie eater, but she got over that, she was too busy trying to be the alpha dog to our other Greyhound, Hunter. Now Hunter is a very large but lean 94 lb. guy and Heidi was a petite 53 lbs. But Hunter, being the gentleman that he is, let her have the choice spots to soak up sun, first shot at the water, food, and even treats. But when she tried the dominating hump on him he drew the line there. An understanding was established.

I'm going to miss the way Heidi would always have to scoot up so that her paws were in front of Hunter's when they were down waiting for the signal to get their nightly biscuit, and the way she followed me out to the deck and would lay down near me no matter the weather. When I came home from work she would have all the toys pulled out of the basket. Now all toys remain in the basket and my house is empty of her joyful life. I'm so glad we have Hunter; this would be even harder if we didn’t.

The night before she died my husband and I took the dogs to the lake which we do once a week (strangely, it was not our usual day) and as usual Heidi was so excited we could hardly get the leash on her. Heidi was our smart jumping jack dog and so full of life that I just can’t believe her life was so short. To be honest, right now I feel like she and I were robbed. But I know that now she is free in a way that we can only imagine. How I loved Heidi and wish I could have had more time with her. Dave and I will miss her greatly.