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Isis came to us 9 years ago through SEGA as our first family pet. Her name then was Ariel, but we wanted to give her a new name that was our own. We chose "Mighty Isis" as a nod to her Egyptian heritage and to the superhero show from our childhood years.

For a while after we got her, Isis would get into things when we left her home alone. I think it was a combination of exploring the house, pressing her limits and expressing her loneliness. Often we would come home and find that she had taken a book or two from my son's shelf and chewed on it a little. Sometimes we couldn't figure out how she so carefully pulled one book from the shelf without disturbing others. She preferred some books more than others for reasons only she knew. When we would find a book somewhere in the house we would joke that Isis had been reading again.

Over the years we got to see her run sometimes daily laps around the fenced back yard. She managed to hit her top speed only about the time she had to start hitting the brakes across the yard. More than once she ran so hard that her collar fell off and we'd have to search the yard for it.

One of her most endearing features was her chattering teeth when someone was giving her a good petting. Several friends always tried to make her chatter when they would visit. Isis would usually cooperate without much resistance.

We'll always remember her with her typical pose: one ear up and one ear back. And with her beautiful brindle coat that didn't change much as she aged with the exception of her face that went fully grey. I'm sure she's somewhere right now tossing a toy in the air, chattering and hopefully thinking of those of us she left behind.