Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Jill
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(February 1994 - September 2006)


While a speedy racer she was, in the heart of Jill and her true passion was her singing. I didn't have the courage to tell her otherwise so I just let her be. Whether it be a passing fire engine or an out of tune guitar she loved to howl. Now if only I were as talented I could quit my day job. The breath, however, was another issue that won't be addressed here.

Another lesser hobby of Jill's was attacking, killing or best case the maiming of basketballs. I am not sure what her history was with them but somewhere in her past one did her wrong. This I am sure of. For this I apologize to basketballs everywhere. The process was somewhat painful to watch but usually involved a short sprint followed by a dramatic puncture and lastly the meticulous removal of their innards. It was quite a gruesome spectacle to witness. Soccer balls suffered similar fates but were much quicker.

On the brighter side, Jill had a universal liking towards all stuffed animals. Most of the time the stuffing would stay inside as intended. But Jill felt the most comfortable toting a small fuzzy animal with her at all times. Bathroom breaks were no exception but with therapy we managed to coax her to leave her friends inside.

Jill was loved by all and was a blessing to her family and friends alike. She tolerated cats who didn't deserve to be tolerated and was a true friend and watchdog. She is in a better place hanging out with her Collie buddy. I sure they are in doggy heaven herding basketballs into a nice neat circle and then slaughtering them one by one.

You will be missed Jill and we will never forget you.

Love always,
Jason, Jean and Skip