Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Joey
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(September 18, 1997 - February 7, 2007)


Your racing name was PW’s Stat Joey, but you were our Joey Bag a Donuts. We almost passed you by. We were looking for a third dog and saw Fame first and adopted her. Later we saw you at the SEGA ribbon cutting and took you home with us that day.

You were a steady, sturdy boy. You were independent, loved your family, but never demanded our attention, you would wait patiently for us to finish with the other dogs and then give you the loving that you enjoyed. Joey, you were so soft, like a plush toy.

For at least 6 months we tried to train you to sit, but you were stubborn, then one day you just sat and sat and sat. You became the best sitter we ever had.

There were rare times that you got excited, but each morning knowing that dad was going to take you for your walk through the neighborhood, you would stalk dad and be underfoot until he took you. The other time you would get excited was on a Meet and Greet day for SEGA. You loved going to PetSmart and being the best ambassadog possible. I know that because of you we scored adoptions.

You loved laying outside, on the lawn, in the sunshine. You were happy to lie there until we had to call you in. At mealtimes, if I was a little late in getting up to feed you, you would take my wrist in your mouth and tug, telling me "it's time mom, I’m hungry."

We always knew when you entered a room after a long nap or your nights sleep, because you would stand in the den and whimper to us that you were there. We'd say "what is it Joey, come get some loving," and in you would come for hugs and kisses. We were always honored when you would come and lay down in our bed. When it got too crowded for you, you would go back to your couch and settle in for the long night. Your favorite place to perch was on the step landing where you could watch out the window and view the world.

Run with the others that went before you. You are our sweet gentle Joey Bag a Donuts. Someday we will all be together again laying in the sunshine. You will be greatly missed.

With our love and beautiful memories,
Mom & Dad