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(May 17, 2002 - December 22, 2012)

Joon Joon

It is with broken hearts that John and I had to let our precious Joon cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Joon was our first Greyhound to leave us and I knew it would be hard, but I had no idea how much it would hurt. At night when I look down at the bed she slept on next to my bed and she is not there, I selfishly wish I had not let her go, just to be able to hold her one more time. But because we loved her so much and knew she was in pain and her eyes were so sad, we had to make that very difficult choice. Even now it is surreal that I speak of her in the past.

About my Joon: Joon was one of the sweetest, most gentle Greyhounds I have ever met. From the beginning, she and I had a very special bond. Joon would never take her eyes off me, always watching me with so much love and so much expression. She was, and always will be, my heart.

One of Joon's most loved responsibilities, beside watching her mommy, was pet therapy visits at CHOA (Egleston). She would approach children with such grace that they were not afraid of her. Joon had a special way of bonding with each child. Meryl, the coordinator at Egleston wrote, "I'm so saddened to hear this news. Your hearts must be so heavy with this deep loss, yet what a beautiful and inspiring image to see sweet Joon with those precious children. She brought so very much joy to the children at Egleston and to the staff also. We will all miss her deeply! Thank you to her loving spirit forever."

Joon also was a loving friend to the folks at Eastside Gardens Assisted Living facility. One of the gentlemen there suffered from severe nerve damage from agent orange during Vietnam and could not hold his hands still, but Joon would let him pet her even though his hands were trembling so bad he was almost slapping her.


Joon also love meeting people at SEGA meet and greets. Joon preferred to lay down but when I asked her to stand up to meet someone she graciously obeyed. Everyone always commented on how beautiful she was, saying she looked like a tiger. Joon had a beautiful blonde coat with distinctive black markings and the most perfect ears. I loved when she would hold her ears straight up with the tips bent. She was a wonderful ambassador to the Greyhound breed.

Over the past seven years Joon welcomed eight Greyhounds into our home. She loved her brothers and sisters so much. Joon would always stand in the back of the pack, waiting her turn patiently. She would give up her spot next to me if one of the others wanted to lay where she was laying. Joon always welcomed the foster hounds we brought into our home. Joon even loved snuggling up with our cat, Raditz.

Joon was our only hound to really roo. She had such a deep bark, which surprised me for some reason. I guess I thought she would have a little delicate bark, but no, it was one of authority. When Sam would be doing his zoomies in the family room, Joon would jump up and bark at him as if to say, "That is enough!". I would tell her to lay down and let Sam play and she would return back to her spot and just watch him like the others until he wore himself out.

Joon seemed to know when we were going to "visit" she would stand in the bathroom door while I was getting ready for pet therapy and she would look at me with inquisitive eyes and I would say, "yes" and she would start her pretty little roo. Of course that signaled all the others and they would come running.


I never had to "train" Joon to be obedient, she was just naturally obedient, always wanting to please me. When she went for her Pet Therapy Certification with TDI she did every command with perfection. When Joon took her Canine Good Citizen test, which was given at the front door of PetCo, she did every command with perfection.

We were thrilled when Joon was selected by Peppi Greco two years in a row for first place in confirmation at the lure coursing events. Joon just seemed to know what to do to be regal.


I write all of this to honor our beautiful, sweet Joon. Run free dear Joon over the Rainbow Bridge, you have a huge pet therapy job there taking care of the 22 children from CT. One day I will get to hold you in my arms again.

Loving you and missing you beyond words!
Mommy & Daddy

Joon Joon