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(December 17, 1994 - September 15, 2009)


It is with great sadness I am writing of the passing of Joy. I was fortunate enough to have had 10 years to enjoy Joy's love and companionship. Joy was almost 15 years old and constantly amazed me with her energy. For such a long time it seemed like Joy was defying the aging process. She was notorious for doing things that older dogs 't even think of doing. She was know to run laps in the yard, chase squirrels up a tree, and making jumping into the back seat of the truck look easy at the age of thirteen. Even on her last day she still had the ability to sprint across the yard on her way back to the house to greet me with that wonderful greyhound smile.

Over the last few months Joy's body began to fail her. Rather than prolong the inevitable and have her suffer I chose to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge. On Tuesday night I said my final goodbyes to a very loving and spirited dog. At least I can take comfort in knowing that she is finally reunited with her sister, Deli. I can only hope that they have found some nice fluffy dog bed in heaven to lay on together.

Joy found me in 2000 at a SEGA Meet and Greet. I had already adopted Deli and had experienced an unsuccessful foster. Joy was so sweet – all she wanted was someone to love her unconditionally. I felt so lucky that she chose me to be that special person.

This is my farewell to my beloved Joy girl. She will not only be greatly missed by her "mom" but she will be missed by her "brothers" Coal and Tippy (both cats). Joy was truly one of the most cat friendly greyhounds I have ever known. All I can do now is take comfort in the many wonderful memories we shared together.

Run free Joy . . . We love you.

Elizabeth Montgomery