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(July 1996 - September 2005)

Logan 1

I wanted to write a tribute to our dear Logan, who passed away yesterday after a battle with liver disease. You may have read his recent article in the Greyhound Chatter about Meet & Greets. He was always so willing to go anywhere and greet anyone with the trademark greyhound friendliness. I am so proud of him.

We adopted Logan while we were living in Southern California and part of the Greyhound Pets of America chapter there. Our first greyhound, Nutmeg, had died in 1999 and we adopted our second one, Tango, within a month or two of her death. Tango lived with us for about a year as an "only" dog (I know...unusual in the Greyhound community) and we were not really seeking out a second dog. I now think that I will always want at least two dogs because I really did not know what I was missing.

In August 2000, I was taking some time off from work before starting a new job and had offered to do "emergency" fostering since I would be at home. My GPA friend asked if I could babysit a greyhound just for one day until his foster family could take him back. His story was that he had already been placed in a home for about one year, but "bounced back" to GPA. Apparently, an allergic relative was coming to live with his adoptive family, so they were giving up all of their pets. Logan then went into foster care and another home was found for him in Las Vegas. He was driven from California to Vegas, only to have his new adopter change her mind about him after a few days. A volunteer had to drive back out to Vegas to get him. I came into the picture when they needed someone to keep him after he returned from Vegas until he could go back to his foster family.

From the moment I saw him, I knew he was special. He was so gentle, soft, and quiet. I incredulously wondered how anyone could have given him up, especially two separate families! The moment he came into our yard, Tango came running up to Logan, sniffed him, and threw his head back and rooed loudly. They then ran off and started playing together. It was as if Tango had told me that he was ready for a brother. Needless to say, Logan stayed at our house and there was no need for his foster family to come get him.

Logan 2

I simply wanted Logan to feel loved and secure, given all of the changes and disruptions he had been through. I like to think that we gave him that home where love and affection abounded and he knew he truly "belonged." He approached his life with quiet determination...beneath his sweet exterior, he never hesitated to put Tango in his place or to show persistence when he needed or wanted something.

After my husband and I were able to settle back here in our home state of Georgia, I really made an effort to get Logan involved in Meet & Greets. He has so enjoyed all of the activities here. His very favorite place to go was the Alpharetta Greenway trail, where we would walk for miles some weekends. He came to understand the difference between the work week and the weekends. When he saw that we were not getting up and leaving to go to work, he realized that it was Saturday and that he might be taken to the Greenway. He would begin following me around, smiling broadly, and stamping his feet in excitement. He seemed to love our time alone together. I do not take Tango to the Greenway because he is not fond of small animals or other dogs, so it became our special time for Logan and I to go together.

Two months ago, we noticed some significant bloating in Logan's tummy. After many tests and procedures, it was determined that he had incurable liver disease. The vets offered hope that he might respond to medication to slow the progression of the disease, and I began reading about "liver cleansing diets" and supplements he could take. However, in the past week, he became increasingly weak and his paws began to swell. Yesterday, 9/10/05, I made one last-ditch effort to take him to the vet to see if anything could be done. We even stopped at the Greenway on the way home to enjoy this beautiful weather we're having, but he could barely walk and showed no enthusiasm, so we left. Through the afternoon, it became clear that he could not stand up without falling, so we knew the time had come to let him go peacefully. We made that lonely, quiet drive down to GA Veterinary Specialists in Dunwoody yesterday afternoon. His last moments were peaceful, and I stayed with him.

I wanted more time to tell him how very much he was loved and how honored we were that he walked into our lives. What a privilege that we got to take care of such a sweet and loving boy. Everyone who met him seemed to really like him...his brown eyes would look up at you and you got the sense that he had a very deep soul.

I do not know much about Logan's registry or racing history because his tattoos were always too faint to read. I could make out that he was born in July 1996. It is likely that he raced in one of the western states before landing at the Caliente Track in Tijuana, Mexico, where GPA-Los Angeles gets most of its dogs.

There is a profound emptiness now that Logan is gone...there is a space that simply isn't filled. Tango is once again by himself. But, I consider myself a religious person and do believe that we will see Logan again one day, somehow. I cannot believe that the Creator would bless us with these wonderful dogs and then take them away for the remainder of eternity.

We miss you so much, Logie. There are no words to express our love for you. We hope you understood how much you meant to us.

Beth, Jack, and Tango Glavosek