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"Commander Sharon"
(December 26, 1994 - March 28, 2005)


Our Lucy departed unexpectedly for the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She was born 10 years ago at Christmas time. We first met her at a steaming hot Meet and Greet in Decatur, Georgia. She wasn't well at the time and the oppressive heat and frequent sprays of cool water on her fur didn't do much for her special kind of beauty.

Lucy was our first dog. She joined two kitties and eventually became big sister to Donna a few years ago. Everybody loved Lucy and she returned that love. She wasn’t a cuddler, but boy could she move in next to your heart. She loved to get in the car and go, and Meet and Greets were her specialty.

She suffered from acute kidney failure in a surprisingly fast process that started last week. All the doctor's and our loving care, even spoon feeding Ensure to try and coax her reluctant appetite back, were to no avail. Almost all of the family was there to say good bye to Lucy today. We know that she will be standing at the Bridge, barking her wimpy little bark, wagging her bent tail, welcoming everyone just as she did here with us.

Lucy was the best dog. We'll always remember her soulful eyes and gentle ways.

Helga, Rich, Kevin, Jessica and Brian Diggelmann