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(February 2001 - October 2012)


It has been a little over two months since we lost our beloved Majik to lymphoma. We can only just bear to write this because our hearts are still so very broken.

It is hard to put into words just what you meant to us, Majik. We are so thankful that you came into our lives. It wasn't always easy. For the first year, we didn't know what you needed and you didn't know what we wanted. But we worked through it together and became a family intensely devoted to each other.

Your illness was such a surprise because you had always been so strong, vibrant, and healthy. When the vet told us, "stage five," we knew that there wouldn't be much we could do to stall the inevitable; but we weren't sure how much to try to fight. You were so very intelligent; we realized pretty quickly after your diagnosis that you knew what was happening and would show us how to help you.

We never left your side for the three weeks you lived post diagnosis. When you were restless at night, we took turns sleeping so that one of us was awake enough to pet you, massage your tired body, and talk to you.

We trusted that you would somehow let us know when you were ready to leave us. And you did.

We were so honored to have you in our lives, and we tried hard to remain true to that honor by making sure that you didn't suffer and could leave this world on your own terms.

Slowly our memories of your dying are integrated into the decade of memories of your exceptional life -- running around the house with your squeaky toys, "singing with Holly" on the internet, laying by the front door patiently waiting for one or the other (or both) of us to get home, running figure eights in the back yard, walking on the beach -- and so much more.

We know that we will see you again. In the mean time, run fast and free, dear Majik.

You will always have our hearts,
Shep and Missy