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(October 17, 1997 - December 2, 2010)


With heavy hearts and great sadness we had to help our beloved greyhound Molly ("RC Victory Crown") cross the bridge. Diagnosed on September 19, 2010 just shy of her 13th birthday with Osteosacoma in her right shoulder, she never showed any signs, only an occasional slight limp which was why we took her to see Dr. Toby. He put her on medication to slow the growth. We loved her even more than usual, if that were possible.

The slight limp became worse by not being able to put her front paw down at all. I prayed she would give us a definite sign when that dreaded time had come. Being the lady she was, she did just that. Sandy and I rushed her to Dr. Toby's and we were at her side when she crossed peacefully.

We first saw Molly when we went to the adoption kennel to look over the available hounds. She kept eyeing Sandy until Sandy looked back. A match was made, my wife then pointed "Victory Crown" out to me, and we took to each other that night. Long story short, we picked her up the night before my birthday in November 2002. What a gift she was, one of a kind. She retired at 5 years of age, with an impressive racing record. She ran 217 races and finished in the money 102 times.

She brought us much happiness. She took us to many places we would not have gone to. We were at the first Sandy Paws gathering in Jacksonville Beach in 2004 and four annual gatherings at Jekyll Island. Molly left her foot prints in Myrtle Beach, Gatlinburg, Louisville and De Funiak Springs Greyhound gatherings. Many Sega events, meet and greets, races, pet therapy meetings, etc. where we met and became friends with many fine people.

Molly was a big hit with a young boy at Children's Hospital, which I believe was SEGA's first visit there. This memory will stay with me forever. When the children came into the room a boy in a wheel chair came right over to Molly and I and we spent most of our visit with him. I told him all about Molly's racing career and the life of a Greyhound. He listened to every word and asked many questions. We also talked about his dog. Hopefully for that short time we helped him forget his illness. There was also a writer from a magazine that was especially impressed with Molly, the boy, and the whole SEGA group. Her name is Emi and she wrote an article for Dog World - Japan in the June 2005 issue. She took many pictures and asked questions about what SEGA does. She even joined our group for lunch afterwards at a Five Corners spot where SEGA held Yappy hours. I later received a copy of her article written about our day at the hospital; it was written in Japanese and I didn't understand any of it, but it did have pictures of Molly and the Boy.

It's taken me a year to finish this memoriam because I just couldn't bring myself to complete it. Molly earned and deserves it, so I needed to finally complete it for her.

Run free our friend, now without pain. You are definitely missed and always on our minds. See you at the Bridge.

Sandy and Al Grella