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October 1989 - May 2003)
By Mike, Steve, and Hamilton


The year was 1992 and I had been considering getting a companion for my little Scottie Ellie. A good friend of mine kept suggesting that I look at a rescued greyhound. I just couldn't imagine such a big dog in my house, but reluctantly went to Dea Hanson's kennel in Marietta one Saturday afternoon. Dea had just received several new dogs and they were all together in a large caged area...all wearing muzzles. When I crouched down to get a better look at the dogs, one of the smaller ones...a white dog with big black spots and a pink muzzle rushed over...wagging her tail...and attempted to kiss me through the cage and her muzzle. Of course, that was all the prompting I needed..."Can you let this one out?" I asked. Dea informed me that she could let her loose in the adjacent fenced lot to see how she got along with me and Ellie. After just a few minutes, it became obvious there was a definite match. Dea had one of her assistants help me fill out the paperwork for the adoption. He held up a small piece of paper and read the name..."Sally Forth." Dea had a small request...all of the dogs were scheduled to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Marietta the following week. "Could I wait and pick her up the following weekend?" I reluctantly agreed and made arrangements to pick her up the following Saturday.

About a year later, after attending some of the local coursing events, I learned the "code" for the ear tatoos and found out that I could call the greyhound registry to obtain Sally's history. When I called and read the numbers, I also told them I had Sally Forth. After some minutes passed, the lady told me that the numbers I had given her were for a dog named "Westar Abbey". She then indicated that she would look up the name "Sally Forth." More minutes passed and when she came back to the phone, she said: "Honey, Sally Forth died in 1987. Do you have a white dog with big black spots...female...smaller than average?" When I responded that I did, she told me "Then you have Westar Abbey". After hanging up the phone, I thought for an instant and realized...Sally had been her name for over a year and I wasn't about to change Sally it stayed!

Sally lived with me for over 11 years...9 of them with Ellie...the last 2 with RDM Hamilton, adopted from SEGA in 2001. My constant companion and the "Grand Dame" of the house, she gave me more love and more joy than I could ever imagine that day she tried to kiss me through her pink muzzle. Even though she has left, her brave spirit will remain with me for many years to come. Godspeed to you Sally Forth. May your spirit continue to brighten many more lives...just as it brightened mine.