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Sweet Sissy
(March 11, 2001 - March 18, 2013)


A tribute to my Sweet Sissy...

To my loyal and loving companion who was given the race name "Sweet Sissy" because of her sweet and gentle nature. After a short racing career, I adopted her from SEGA in December of 2003 and we instantly formed a strong bond. Nine and one-half years together will never be long enough but her and I spent a lifetime of memories together beginning in my apartment in Atlanta. Many dateless Valentines days, breakups, road trips, bachelorette parties, nights with the girls. She was there when I met my husband, moved to Dallas, welcomed our first child and another move to Las Vegas.

She had just turned 12, still mentally and physically sound. I had noticed she had been more clumsy with more scrapes and cuts to mend but figured it was due to old age. She slipped on the floor one day waiting excitedly for her dinner and just couldn't get up. I brought her to the vet immediately thinking maybe a dislocated hip or something but the vet pointed out the paralysis on her right side. She presumed a brain tumor and the recent clumsy behavior were signs. I brought her home to see if anything improved but was apparent the next morning that it was worse. I stayed with her while she passed peacefully, exactly one week after her 12th birthday.

As I grieve the loss of my beautiful and majestic friend, I am reminded that a large chunk of my own life goes with her. She loved living in Las Vegas with our huge backyard. She tolerated being herded by our young Corgi, Jolie, and ear tugs from our 20 month old Jackson. She was always around him, the perfect toddler companion who allowed him to take walking rides beside her. It's hard to find a picture or video of Jackson without her in it. "Sissy" was his first word and I know he will miss chasing her around with treats.

I miss you so much and my heart aches at every reminder of you and our wonderful time together. Your "twinkle toes" on the hard floors, your bark for meals, the way you nestled your head against my chest while I sang "You are my Sissy-my only Sissy." Your "crazy eights" in the backyard. The way you would run a mile a minute when you heard the jingle of your leash. Our walks. Sharing naps. The list goes on...

I picture you in Heaven now laying in the sun in a large green pasture with lots of bunny rabbits to chase and endless peanut butter stuffed Kongs to lick clean.

I know you're here with me in spirit and one day we will be together again.

Until then...I love you always my Sweet Sissy.