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November 9, 1996 - February 1, 2008
Loved by Denise Lawson and Matt Frank


Seegold Spooky was bred by Phillis Mangold and Jack Seeley, and all their dog's names began with "Seegold" as it was a combination of their last names. She was a good runner and ran over 60 races, but she had sustained a racing injury thought to be a fracture and wore a cast from her hip to toe on her right rear leg. In the fall of 2000, John Parker brought Spooky back with him from one of the SEGC Birmingham Race Track trips. Later, we were relieved to learn her leg hadn't been fractured and the injury never bothered her again.

I first saw Spooky in a crate in John's kitchen, as he was going to foster her until she found a forever home. I instantly fell for her floppy ears and curly tail, but most of all for her sweet personality. On our first “getting to know you” walk she practically climbed into my lap. She took to me immediately and I signed her adoption papers on November 4 of 2000. Phillis, had named her "Spooky" because even as a puppy she would spook at noises and outside distractions. It was a slow process of about six months to help Spooky come out of her shell and learn not to fear men or other breeds of dogs. She hated Petsmart and a really embarrassing moment occurred in one while attempting to introduce her to a well-mannered collie. She panicked and scrambled up a dog food display just to avoid meeting him! Spooky may have come into this world a scared and shy girl, but she left it being content, playful, and a friend to everyone who met her. Oh, and she eventually loved going to Petsmart.

I'll never forget the first time I let Spooky loose at SummerWind Farm, giving her access to all 60+ acres. I had treats in my pocket so I could call her back and reward her if she should wonder, but she never left my side. From that day on she was known as "Farm Dog" and whether I was riding my horse or doing barn work, she was right there with me. In fact she would search for me if I went missing by going into a horse stall or the feed room. She always had such a look of relief on her face when she would find me. She was smart though and knew to keep out of the fields with the loose horses. Even if I had to go deep into the pasture to retrieve them she would patiently wait at the gate for my return. The only time she would ever leave my side was to spend some quality time with Matt. She loved getting into the lakes and "helping" him fish and going after his lure. We lovingly referred to her as "swamp dog" because she would emerge covered in mud and had weeds clinging to her tail.

I will miss everything about Spooky, the way she would look at only me, her little "meeps" of eagerness or recognition, how she would lay her head on my lap when I tried to put my socks on in the morning, but most of all I will miss her riding in the car with me. At red lights she would stand up and rest her head on my right shoulder until the light turned green again. This wasn't something I encouraged or taught her as I preferred her to be laying down when riding in the car, but it's something she started early on when I first got her and continued from then on. I will miss that most of all.

Spooky was cat safe, kid safe, played with all kinds of toys, but never destroyed them. I used to dog sit a lot and would bring her with me and the first thing she would do in an unfamiliar house was gather up all the toys and bring them to "her" bed that she had claimed. She loved to carry around "green ball" and would catch it in mid air when thrown to her. Spooky was my perfect girl and there will never be another one like her. I have had other dogs in the past, but Spooky was my true "first," she was mine and I was hers.

Matt and I miss her terribly.