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Titus (aka Hallo All Star)
(June 12, 2004 - February 10, 2015)


It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you of the sudden passing of our dear Titus (Hallo All Star). Early morning February 10 he had a fatal heart attack that ended his sweet life.

Titus was truly the gentle giant that was the alpha leader of our other dogs. He never had to challenge any of them for leadership but they gave him total respect. The story of us adopting Titus is worthy of note. After one of our other greyhounds passed we went to look at the hounds at SEGA and found one that we liked. We were talking to another man that was sitting next to me and he told us that he was going to adopt Titus. He also told us that he was going to keep him in his garage in a crate. Apparently he told the same story to the adoption person, but we left that day very sad for his future. I got a call the next Monday telling us Titus was still available. We went back to SEGA and they brought him out to see us. He ran over to me and buried his head under my arm and did not move. I think he adopted us.

Titus's favorite things were going anywhere in the car, spending many hours in Home Depot looking at every tool and piece of wood (he would have been a great craftsman), and Friday nights at the Pope High School football field.

The handlers that brought Titus from Florida to Georgia named him "THE PERFECT GENTELMAN." He was and will always remain in our hearts the perfect gentleman.

Tom and Marilyn Mordarski