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Utah Herderich
Born March 24, 1996 - Died June 17, 2009


Utah, our first greyhound, age 13, passed away peacefully on his favorite place (our bed), Wednesday evening after a long battle with osteosarcoma.

We adopted him when he was 1.5 years old after washing out on the track. He preferred to go hang out with people and get attention instead of chasing a mechanical lure. When we went to check out the dogs up for adoption, Utah (then Jolly) came directly over to Bill and put his head on Bill's shoulder. The rest is history. He lived a life filled with much love, and many adventures! He enjoyed long walks at Kennesaw Mountain with Farrah, our previous dog, and many ones around our neighborhood with Trilli, our current girl. He was able to run leash free in empty baseball fields as well as participating in a few lure coursing events, and attended many dog shows. He especially loved watching the fly ball competition, barking excitedly the entire time. He once had the opportunity to go swimming, which was an unexpected surprise to all when he disappeared into a small pond then resurfaced and "dog paddled" to shore before Bill had a chance to dive in after him! In 2008, he had the special distinction (along with his very own certificate) of being the only non-Belgian Tervuren to walk with the other Tervs in the Terv Two Miler at the Belgian Tervuren National Specialty in Tennessee. Other than his walks, his favorite pastime was spending an extraordinary amount of time (as most greyhounds do) relaxing on our king size bed, and trying to get the most cuddle time and petting as he possibly could.

We discovered Utah had bone cancer in March of this year. With medications we were able to manage his pain and discomfort for a while. When countless hours of research and consultation with 12 veterinarians, including 3 specialists, and one human Ph.D. could not give us the positive outcome we wished for, we gave him the gift of freedom to end any further discomfort. Following the advice of our wonderful vet, some very close friends, and after many agonizing days and nights, we abided by the phrase "Better one week early than one day too late."

Many, many thanks to all our wonderful friends and the doctors who tried to help us and support us during this most difficult and challenging time. Mere words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards all of you.

Utah was our sweet, gentle, loving boy. He was so precious to us and enriched our lives tremendously. We will always cherish the many wonderful memories we have.

Run free dear Utah. We will miss you and love you always!

Bill and Shanna