Greyfest 2019 – Children 5 and Under


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Join Southeastern Greyhound Adoption/GPA-Atlanta for our annual Greyfest in celebration of our Greyhounds.

We will be hosting our event at the beautiful Bouckaert Farm in Fairburn, Georgia. Greyfest 2019 will be held at the pavilion near the competition barns and the arena.  Chattahoochee Hills is located on Olympic Three Day Event rider Carl Bouckaert’s farm in Chattahoochee Hill country.  The 8,000-acre property runs 12 miles along the Chattahoochee River and is located 15 miles west of the Atlanta airport.

There is no charge for children 5 years of age and under (they will receive lunch), but they must be registered to receive lunch.  The advance deadline is Tuesday, April 30.  Registrations must be completed on-line or arrive at the address below by April 30.

Please note: If you are registering more than 1 child, complete the form for the first child and click Add to Cart. Then update the form and click Add to Cart again to add the second child’s registration to the cart. Continue that process as necessary.

To register an adult for Greyfest, click here.

NOTE:  Please respect our caterer and do not bring in outside food.