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Product Description

SEGA has been fortunate to have a professional photographer, Cindy Frezon, at our past Greyfest events. Cindy has been very generous and donated all her images as a fundraiser for SEGA. Unless noted otherwise the gallery pictures in the list below have been donated by Cindy. In some cases, we had other photographers who also generously donated their images. They are noted and we appreciate their contributions.

The pictures from the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, 2018 Greyfests are online and available for purchase. SEGA is offering images for $5 each for single photos or a Blur of Fur “package” for $30. Photos will be sent electronically via email.

Single Photos

To view the image galleries/albums, click here. As you view the photos, make a note of the gallery name, album name (if applicable), and the image numbers (the bold number to the right of each photo) of the photos you would like to purchase. The photos you purchase will not have the watermarks on them. If you are purchasing images from different gallery/albums, you will need to add your choices to the cart separately for each gallery/album selected. Once you know the number of images you are ordering, be certain to increase the cart quantity on the shopping page before adding your purchase to your cart.

Blur of Fur “Package” Photos

In addition to offering individual images for $5 per image, SEGA is offering a special Blur of Fur “package.” For $30, you may purchase a set of consecutive images of your dog’s single Blur of Fur run. When you order the package, select the gallery name with “package” included in the description from the dropdown list (just like you do for the individual images — all package options are included at the bottom of the list). In the Image Numbers box, enter the starting and ending image numbers for the run (the numbers usually start with a common prefix like “6V9A…” or “bof”). Please note the package option is only available for Blur of Fur images. Each $30 package includes all consecutive photos of a single Greyhound in a single run. If you have multiple Greyhounds or a single Greyhound with multiple runs, you will need to order a separate “package” for each dog/run.

The photos are arranged in galleries and albums by Greyfest year as follows:

Gallery Album # of Photos
Greyfest 2011 Laughmiller (3 albums within this album)
     1. Blur of Fur 148
     2. Candids 139
     3. King and Queen 17
Frezon 708
Greyfest 2012 Candids 104
Blur of Fur 721
Greyfest 2013 (No albums – all pictures within the gallery) 186
Blur of Fur 2013 (No albums – all pictures within the gallery) 367
Greyfest 2014 Candids 180
Blur of Fur 677
Blur of Fur – volume 2 (courtesy of Henry Astley) 268
Greyfest 2015 Candids 150
Blur of Fur 2,498
Blur of Fur 3,034
Greyfest 2016 Candids 172
Blur of Fur 3,034
Greyfest 2017 Candids 319
Blur of Fur 1,606
Candids – volume 2 (courtesy of David Vierck) 66
Greyfest 2018 Candids (courtesy of Michael Burns) 73
Blur of Fur 2018 (courtesy of Michael Burns) 1,608
Conformation Show (courtesy of Michael Burns) 50