Southeastern Greyhound Adoption (SEGA) is a 100% volunteer operated organization with no paid staff. All of your donations in time and money go straight to helping the Greyhounds and our mission.

As any non-profit organization will tell you, it takes a lot of money to keep our “business” running. It costs approximately $70 per week to feed and care for each dog in our kennel, which does not include the spay/neuter and dental vet expenses spent on each hound as soon as they enter our program. The average cost per Greyhound while in our care is $525, which exceeds the adoption fee. Without donations and financial support we could simply not make ends meet.



You may make a general donation online via the SEGA Shop by Square.


If you prefer to donate via U.S. Mail, make your check payable to SEGA and mail it to:

Nich Di Vito, Fundraising Chair
1674 Trotters Lane, Smoke Rise, GA 30087



A squawker’s primary use is to “call back” a Greyhound that has gotten loose. It is often used to aid Greyhound owners who have lost a Greyhound to find and track the hound. SEGA is pleased to offer squawkers to Greyhound owners to have as one tool to aid in the event you have a missing hound. Squawkers are small and fit easily into a purse or glovebox (keep one in both!).


SmugMug (owners of Flickr) has generously donated a PRO subscription to SEGA for our non-profit fundraising activities with photography. Greyfest galleries are available for the past several years, through 2024.

To find your favorite Greyfest photos on and purchase original hi-res versions, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Browse each gallery and add as many photos ($5/each) to your cart
  3. Complete your purchase with a credit card OR PayPal

BONUS SAVINGS — use the GREYFEST24 coupon code for 40% off of each order of $25 to $100. Reuse the coupon as often as you like!

greyhound decals

SEGA offers Greyhounds Pets of America (GPA) logo window decals. The decals are white, slightly larger than 6” x 6”, and designed for glass surfaces such as car windows. We offer three combinations:

  1. Left facing
  2. Right facing
  3. A pair (one left facing and one right facing)


On August 24, 2014 SEGA held a Greyhound first aid seminar. SEGA’s own Dr. Toby Carmichael served as the speaker. The seminar was a great opportunity for participants to get some sound advice about basic first aid for Greyhounds as well as when you need to see a vet or go to an emergency clinic. While some topics at the seminar were Greyhound specific, many of the topics apply to all sighthound breeds and other breeds as well. The seminar was filmed and SEGA is pleased to offer DVD’s of the seminar for sale. In addition to the DVD, you will receive a link to the supporting materials distributed at the seminar.


We offer three ways to make special donations that make a difference in the lives of SEGA Greyhounds.

Donation Card

For any occasion – birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries, graduation, etc. – we have just the gift. Why not make a donation to the Southeastern Greyhound Adoption in the name of your honoree?

It’s for a good cause, will benefit the hounds, and can serve as a tax deduction for you! It’s the perfect gift for animal lovers, or the person who has everything! It’s a win-win for you, for the recipient, and for the hounds! For a contribution of $10 or more, we can make this happen for you. Your donation card will be mailed directly to the recipient you designate.

We have two donation cards to choose from – one states “In Memory Of” and the other states “In Honor Of.”

Donation Card - In Memory Of
Donation Card - In Honor Of


One of our greatest fears as Greyhound owners is having our Greyhound get lost. For this reason, Southeastern Greyhound Adoption (SEGA) has volunteers who serve as lost hound coordinators to help organize the search for any missing Greyhound in the metro Atlanta area. SEGA volunteers are well known for their commitment to organize and put “boots on the ground” to help locate and safely return a missing Greyhound.

In many cases, the Greyhound is located quickly with the help of reported sightings, the distribution of flyers, and volunteer search parties. In some cases, a Greyhound may remain missing for an extended period of time. In these circumstances, other methods may be employed to help locate and return the Greyhound to its home. These methods often involve financial cost that may exceed the budget of the owner. Examples are paid ads, professional trackers, phone call services, or equipment such as outdoor cameras.

On June 27, 2012, Daisy, a SEGA Greyhound, escaped from her home in Watkinsville, Georgia. In true SEGA fashion, volunteers immediately sprang into action to help locate Daisy and return her safely home. SEGA even created a blog to keep everyone posted on the progress in finding Daisy. Shortly after Daisy went missing temperatures soared to record highs, with four days in a row over 100 degrees. A new record high for the area (106 degrees) was set during this time. Volunteers continued to search despite the heat. We also received reports Daisy had been struck by a car the day she escaped, but had run away immediately after the incident.

Volunteers drove to South Carolina to borrow a live trap in hopes of using the sightings to establish a feeding station and eventually capture her so she could be treated and returned home. Several sightings confirmed Daisy was still in the area and was still on the move. In early July, bands of thunderstorms rolled in and there were daily storms with torrential rain, thunder, and lightning. Searches continued to faithfully search for Daisy. Daisy was found lying in the woods by her owners on July 19 after a reported sighting earlier in the day. She was thin (22 pounds lighter) and weak, but alive after 22 days of running loose.

In appreciation for SEGA volunteer efforts, Daisy’s owners, Chris and Lauren Whalen, established a lost hound fund in Daisy’s honor. They started the fund with a generous donation to allow SEGA to purchase some additional equipment to help locate Daisy and for use in helping find other lost Greyhounds in the future. Donations made to the “For the Love of Daisy” Lost Hound Fund will be designated for expenses to help locate lost Greyhounds when extended timeframes call for measures above and beyond the normal costs such as flyers and signs. Any funds remaining from the search for Daisy will be held until needed for another lost hound.

We are so glad Daisy was reunited with her family. Although we hope to never have the need to search for a lost hound again, it is very likely we will.

Sponsor a Greyhound

We recognize that not everyone can foster a Greyhound or actively participate in our adoption program. But there is another way you can help our Greyhounds looking for their “forever” home — sponsorship. The sponsorship program provides much needed financial support for the dogs while they await adoption.

When you sponsor a SEGA Greyhound (you may choose the Greyhound you would like to sponsor or let us choose a deserving Greyhound for you), your name (first name and last initial only) will be included with that Greyhound’s picture on the Adoptables page. We will also send you information on the Greyhound you are sponsoring. Once your sponsored Greyhound is adopted, your name will continue to be displayed with the dog, acknowledging your sponsorship in perpetuity.

SEGA is a 100% volunteer operated organization with no paid staff or significant sponsor. Your sponsorship contribution of $50 assists us in providing veterinary services, board and care, monthly medications, and other costs associated with placing an adopted Greyhound.

support sega while you shop

We offer two ways to support SEGA while you shop – other than enrollment setup, there is nothing more you need to do! SEGA receives regular rebate payments from these vendors.

Kroger COMMUNITY Rewards

Kroger has a Community Rewards Program that allows you to help SEGA while earning your own Kroger points. Your regular purchases at Kroger can result in dollars for SEGA when you register for the Community Rewards Program and designate SEGA as your charity of choice. Click here for more information and instructions on linking your Kroger Rewards account to SEGA.