FRequently asked questions

What to know about Greyfest

If it’s your first time at Greyfest, you may be unfamiliar with the event and what to expect and what to bring with you, your Greyhound(s), and your guests. If you haven’t been to Greyfest in a while — refresh yourself with our FAQ below:

Greyfest is a fundraising and outreach event sponsored by Southeastern Greyhound Adoption.

Each Greyfest ticket includes:

  • Admission for one human and any reasonable number of Greyhounds
  • Access to the buffet lunch
  • A welcome bag

Registrants may pay additionally for the following:

  • Blur of Fur tickets
  • Nail trimming tickets
  • Vendor items
  • Raffle tickets
  • Other activities which require a separate purchase

There’s plenty to do at Greyfest, including, but not limited to:

  • Vendors
  • Blur of Fur
  • Conformation
  • Nail trimming
  • Raffle baskets
  • Lunch with friends

The biggest draw of the day will be the Blur of Fur — a fun run for your Greyhound(s).

The Blur of Fur is a fun run featuring the following:

  • An enclosed horse arena with safety netting to prevent runaway Greyhounds
  • A soft surface similar to dog racing track sand that’s easy on Greyhound paws 
  • Experienced lure coursing volunteers who help monitor the safe running of the Greyhounds
  • Multiple volunteers to help recover each Greyhound


There is always some risk with running your Greyhound “at speed.”

We try our best to provide the safest running experience possible for your Greyhound(s). However, Southeastern Greyhound Adoption and the Southeastern Greyhound Club are not liable for any injuries related to a Blur of Fur run.

We ask that Blur of Fur entrants review the following recommendations and guidelines prior to entering their Greyhound in a run:

  • Dogs will be limited to 2 Blur of Fur runs — the second run will be determined based on the dog’s condition, ambient temperature and time since the first run
  • Consult with Blur of Fur volunteers before attempting three or more runs
  • Trim your dog’s nails to avoid toe injuries during their run
  • Do not run a Greyhound that is lame / limping or exhibiting pain / discomfort
  • Do not run a Greyhound after recent surgery or with stitches
  • Jog your Greyhound around before the run to loosen them up
  • Walk your Greyhound around after the run to observe any latent discomfort or injury
  • In high temperatures, rinse your Greyhound at the spigot behind the dining canopy to help them cool off safely
  • Keep your Greyhound in the shade while waiting for their run
  • If your Greyhound is excited, move them away from the horse arena so they do not wear themselves out watching the runs
  • Be smart — do not push your Greyhound beyond their limits!


Southeastern Greyhound Adoption and the Southeastern Greyhound Club reserve the right to cancel a Blur of Fur run for a Greyhound if the dog’s safety and well-being may be at risk.


We recommend the following for our Greyhound visitors at Greyfest:

  • A collar or harness and leash (no flexible leashes for ANY dog) for each Greyhound
  • A bed or mat for your Greyhound if they want to relax between activities and during lunch
  • secured crate or exercise pen (properly staked down) if you choose to leave your Greyhound unattended
  • A water bowl or bucket (water will be available for Greyhounds AND humans)
  • Poop bags — do not leave a mess for others to clean up


We recommend the following for “human” Greyfest registrants:

  • A lawn or camp chair if you want to sit on the lawn overlooking the Blur of Fur arena
  • Sunscreen (the lawn and Blur of Fur arena are not covered)
  • Bug spray (just in case)

Restrooms are available adjacent to the parking lot between the horse barn offices behind the Greyfest venue.

Greyfest is a sighthound event and, as such, other sighthounds are welcome.

Acceptable breeds fitting the sighthound designation include:

  • Greyhounds
  • Borzoi
  • Galgos
  • Saluki
  • Whippets
  • Silken Windhound

PLEASE NOTE — we do not allow Italian Greyhounds. They are too small and could be considered a small dog to high prey Greyhounds.

If you have questions about bringing your sighthound, please use the Contact Us to ask.

We want Greyfest to be a safe and fun experience for everyone — human AND canine.

With that in mind, please observe and respect the following DO’s and DON’Ts


  • Bring a collar or harness and leash appropriate for each Greyhound’s behavior / strength
  • Bring appropriate funds for same-day registration — $35 after May 8 (cash, check or credit card)
  • Bring additional funds for Blur of Fur tickets, nail trimming tickets, vendor purchases and additional activities (cash, check or credit card, depending on the situation)
  • Politely inform other Greyfest registrants if your Greyhound(s) have space or food aggression to avoid any tussles during the event


  • Bring more Greyhounds than you can handle or monitor safely 
  • Let your Greyhound off leash at any time — this is how Greyhounds get lost or into tussles with other dogs
  • Let your Greyhound off leash in the horse arena (unless they are participating in the Blur of Fur) — the arena is not to be used as a dog park
  • Use a flexible leash with any dog at the event — they are dangerous to adults, kids and other dogs when a dog wanders off unmonitored at a distance