No matter how careful an owner is, occasionally a Greyhound will get loss and go missing. If that is the case, follow the protocols below.

If your hound is lost or missing, it is important that you notify Southeastern Greyhound Adoption at the same time you begin your search. SEGA can help get the word out that your hound is missing, and SEGA volunteers often help with the search. Complete the form below, which is routed to SEGA’s Advisory Board.


Once you have notified SEGA, we recommend you create a flyer to both post in the area where the hound was lost and to handout during your search. Click here to download a suggested flyer format that you can complete. Always be sure that at least one phone number you provide on your flyer is a mobile phone number. If you are out searching for the Greyhound, callers should be able to reach you during the search.


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